Experience Labyrinths

It is wonderful to learn about labyrinths; the best part about labyrinths is the experience of creating and using them. Wherever you are in the world, you can be walking a labyrinth in moments!

Download a Labyrinth and let your fingers do the walking or "walk" our Virtual Labyrinth with a mouse.

There are labyrinths all over the world, so there is probably one near you. You can find labyrinths available to the public via the Labyrinth Locator

The Artline Project focuses on creating labyrinths along the 39th latitude. Find out how you can participate by building or visiting a labyrinth on the 39th latitude.

Our Labyrinth Market contains links to places where you can rent or purchase labyrinths, hire someone to build you one, or sign up to participate in workshops where you can walk labyrinths.

Soon our website will have directions for how to construct several common types of labyrinths.

We even have a page of labyrinth activities specifically for children.