Activities for Kids

Don’t have access to a labyrinth?  Is it raining outside? No problem! Here are a few suggestions for how to have fun with labyrinths anyway.

Learn How To Draw A Labyrinth. Spend some time drawing and creating various labyrinths on paper. Remember, have fun and let your creativity soar!

Looking for a quick break? Overscheduled, stressed, too much homework? Check out our Virtual Labyrinth Walk to help you reconnect with your center. You can follow the butterfly through the labyrinth on either a self-guided or mouse-driven walk.

Now that you are familiar with how to draw/create a labyrinth - try some of these fun activities.

  1. Gather large rocks and paint a labyrinth on each one. For a variation: glue beads or old costume jewelry on the rock in the shape of a labyrinth.
  2. Glue seeds (in the shape of a labyrinth) on a piece of sturdy handmade paper. Lightly pencil the labyrinth shape on the paper as a template and then glue on the seeds.
  3. Fill a shallow bin with sand (shallow plastic dishwashing bins work well or use a mini Zen Garden if you have access to one) and draw a labyrinth in the sand. For variation: arrange shells or rocks in the sand.
  4. Purchase bisque tiles (at a home improvement store) and use Sharpies® or permanent markers to draw, stamp and or decorate your tile. Sharpies® or permanent markers are absorbed into the bisque so they dry quickly and won’t smear but be careful with clothing and skin.
  5. Create Garden Stepping Stones. Purchase a ‘Kids Mosaic Stone Kit’ (available at craft stores) and create a labyrinth with the included stained glass and glass gems or your own. Use as a finger labyrinth in your garden.
  6. Create a rubbing. Use a metal labyrinth (with ‘walking stick’) and place a sheet of paper over it and gently rub a crayon over it. You can also create a rubbing from your seed labyrinth…see suggestion #2.
  7. Wooden Finger Labyrinths. Walk/slide your fingers through the labyrinth. Try using your non-dominant hand or closing your eyes. For variation: place a marble at the entrance. Use your breath to push the marble through, push the marble through or hold the labyrinth in both hands, gently move the labyrinth side to side and slowly roll the marble towards the center. Wooden finger labyrinths can be purchased online at The Labyrinth Society Marketplace.
  8. Write labyrinth letters or color the paths any way your heart desires. To find copies of various labyrinth letter templates see Klaus Eid’s book, Mind Boggling Mazes and Loopy Labyrinths, Prestal, 2004 or draw your own on light-colored paper.
  9. Download a labyrinth or draw one. Cut the sheet into squares, shuffle the squares and color each square any way you choose. Put the labyrinth puzzle back together and see your colorful creation. This activity can be done with more than one person and a variety of paint, crayons, markers etc. After coloring, laminate the individual squares and use as a puzzle or laminate the completed labyrinth and use as a finger labyrinth or a work of art for the wall! For variation: color the labyrinth first and then cut it into squares or other shapes and use it as a personal puzzle/finger labyrinth.

Do you have outdoor space?

  1. Create a rope labyrinth on the grass or blacktop. Clothesline and/or rope can be purchased inexpensively at many discount/dollar stores.
  2. Use chalk to draw large and small labyrinths on the blacktop or sidewalk.
  3. Use a stick, broom handle, or pole to carve a labyrinth in a sand volleyball pit. Many local parks have sand play areas or volleyball areas. This works best when the sand is slightly damp. Of course, if you are at the beach…draw away!!!
  4. Create a temporary labyrinth on the ground using bird seed. Then sit back, remain quiet and still, and watch the birds enjoy the feast as they flitter, play and eat the labyrinth!

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