Labyrinths in Places

Labyrinths are found in many places. Some are permanent and some are brought in temporarily for events. The challenge for labyrinth enthusiasts is often how to get permission to introduce a labyrinth into a specific environment. This section of the website examines some of the places where labyrinths may be found, the benefits of having them there, how they are used, and how people were able to install them there in the first place!

7. Labyrinths in University Research

With research as a central focus of university life, it’s not surprising to find labyrinths as the subject of research. It’s beyond the scope of this article to survey research relating to labyrinths, but it’s worth noting the breadth of topics being explored. These include archaeology and history; physiology and healing; anger and stress management; the labyrinth in literature; spiritual development and the arts; the labyrinth in learning and teaching; and more. If you are considering a research project, there are real opportunities to contribute to knowledge and understanding in this field.