Labyrinths in Places

Labyrinths are found in many places. Some are permanent and some are brought in temporarily for events. The challenge for labyrinth enthusiasts is often how to get permission to introduce a labyrinth into a specific environment. This section of the website examines some of the places where labyrinths may be found, the benefits of having them there, how they are used, and how people were able to install them there in the first place!

4. Conclusion

Naturally, not all labyrinth experiences facilitate happy endings like the two case studies above. After all, labyrinths facilitate people’s awareness of their shadow self (the parts of our personality and experience that are perceived to be so painful, we consciously or unconsciously have chosen to hide these parts from our awareness). Using labyrinths in counseling can lead to clients coming face to face with their darker side and this shouldn’t cause the therapist to feel blame for clients temporarily feeling worse about their lives. This is a natural part of therapeutic growth, and the labyrinth experience acts as a powerful catalyst for that growth.

Labyrinths have their definite place in the counseling arena. As more and more therapists across the globe are adopting the use of finger and walking labyrinths in their practices, we will be seeing an upsurge in the effectiveness of those practices and the satisfaction those clients feel for the unfolding process and issue resolution they experience. Since finding out about labyrinths 13 years ago, I have incorporated them as a large part of my counseling repertoire. Other counselors have done the same, mostly using the Intuipath® double finger labyrinth design. The labyrinth, in its many forms, has proven to be a valuable tool in the counseling room, especially when therapists hit a brick wall and need a catalyst for moving their clients toward greater balance and health. At these times, labyrinths can open new doorways to growth for both clients as well as their therapists.

Neal Harris is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, with a Master’s Degree in Applied Psychology, and a diplomat of the American Psychotherapy Association. He has practiced the art of psychotherapy for the past 22 years. He is also the managing director of Relax4Life, a holistic education and services center and has been a workshop leader in the holistic health and self-enrichment fields since 1985. He is a founding member of The Labyrinth Society and a Certified Veriditas Facilitator.

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