Directions to Make a Labyrinth

Few things are more rewarding than to create a labyrinth and walk it afterwards. The love and care that go into the building - and in the walking - add to the transformative benefits of the labyrinth.

This part of the website will teach you how to make your own labyrinth. Currently, we have just directions for the Masking Tape Chartres Labyrinth. In the future, we will be adding Baltic, Classical, and Concentric labyrinth directions as well as tips for use of materials and other information to help you in your labyrinth-building efforts.


For the Classical types, you begin with a seed pattern, the basic building block. The example here is a Classical Seven Circuit Labyrinth. The Chartres-type is a bit more difficult to construct. Robert Ferrè tells us how to make one of these labyrinths with tape.