The Labyrinth Society Media module contains categorized information about labyrinths and labyrinth related activities that can be downloaded via embedded videos, podcasts (mp3, mp4), YouTube videos and more. As the selection grows, more categories will appear, so be sure to check back often.

Artists (Crafts, Fine, Graphic, Multi-Media, Performance)

  • Jim Buchanan, Scottish land artist and creator of light labyrinths, discusses his land art and labyrinth light installations.

  • Leah Goode-Harris, Poet, speaker & creator of the Santa Rosa labyrinth design, discusses her labyrinth work and poetry.

  • Sandra Wasko-Flood, interactive labyrinth artist & peace activist, talks about her labyrinth installations and work with Living Labyrinths for Peace.           

  • Ansula Press, designer of the Genesa labyrinth, featured at both the 2009 Troutdale and 2014 Vancouver Island TLS Gatherings, discusses this labyrinth and her other labyrinth artwork.

  • Carlos Arturo Smith, labyrinth artist, works with copper and is often a vendor at TLS Gatherings. Christiana Brinton and Carlos discussed his work.

  • Sonam Targee , multi-instrumentalist, world musician, and labyrinth musician. Discussion about playing music for labyrinth events and his travel experiences. 

  • Eve Hogan, speaker, counselor, and owner of a labyrinth ministry in Hawaii, discusses her labyrinth work and experiences.

  • Nancy Klos, artist & designer of labyrinth needlepoint samplers. Discussion about her beautiful labyrinth designs and artwork.

  • Judith Tripp discusses her work as Women’s Dream Quest creator and musician. 

  • Margaret McGee, poet, writer, and leader of the team that installed a Chartres style labyrinth at St Paul’s Episcopal Church in Port Townsend, WA. Discussion about the challenges and joys of the labyrinth installation process in a church setting.

  • Meryl Ann Butler, visionary artist and labyrinth designer, discusses her labyrinth art and work. 

  • Iwan Brioc, Welsh thespian & creator of Theatre CynFyn and Caerdroia, a permanent outside labyrinth in Wales. Discussion about his 3 dimensional labyrinth installation and interactive theater work.

  • Irma Haggith, Canadian labyrinth artist who blends labyrinth walking with teachings on the Akashic Records and who does World Labyrinth drumming every Solstice in Toronto. Discussion about her labyrinth work.

  • John Burke, Musician, composer, labyrinth music creator, and presenter at TLS 2010 New Harmony Gathering, discusses his beautiful music created to augment and heighten the labyrinth walking experience.

  • Lynda Tourloukis, DOF, QOC, Director of Fun and Frolic, laughter on the labyrinth. Discussion of the benefits of laughter on the labyrinth.  

  • Mary Teetor, needlepoint and beadwork crafts artist who created a new modular way of designing labyrinths, explains her different designs and the design process.

  • Ben Nicholson, Co-host of TLS 2010 Gathering and keynote speaker. Discussion of his labyrinth designs and the TLS Gathering process.