The Labyrinth Society Media module contains categorized information about labyrinths and labyrinth related activities that can be downloaded via embedded videos, podcasts (mp3, mp4), YouTube videos and more. As the selection grows, more categories will appear, so be sure to check back often.

Construction/ Landscaping (Canvas, Outdoor)

  • Jim Buchanan, Scottish land artist and creator of light labyrinths, discusses his land art and labyrinth light installations.

  • Ronald Esquivel, Costa Rican labyrinth designer and geomancer, discusses his amazing labyrinth designs and sacred geometry.

  • Leah Goode-Harris, Poet, speaker & creator of the Santa Rosa labyrinth design, discusses her labyrinth work and poetry.

  • Robert Ferre, well-known labyrinth workshop presenter and canvas labyrinth builder, owner of Labyrinth Enterprises, LTD, and author. Discussion about the Chartres Cathedral labyrinth and labyrinth designs.

  • Sandra Wasko-Flood, interactive labyrinth artist & peace activist, talks about her labyrinth installations and work with Living Labyrinths for Peace.           

  • Jose Cuesta, artist and designer of South American labyrinths, tells about his labyrinth installations in Central and South America.

  • Ansula Press, designer of the Genesa labyrinth, featured at both the 2009 Troutdale and 2014 Vancouver Island TLS Gatherings, discusses this labyrinth and her other labyrinth artwork.

  • Cordelia Rose, equine labyrinth creator and co-host of 2010 TLS Gathering, discusses her equine labyrinths and experiences walking them with her horse and other horses.

  • Eve Hogan, speaker, counselor, and owner of a labyrinth ministry in Hawaii, discusses her labyrinth work and experiences.

  • Margaret McGee, poet, writer, and leader of the team that installed a Chartres style labyrinth at St Paul’s Episcopal Church in Port Townsend, WA. Discussion about the challenges and joys of the labyrinth installation process in a church setting.

  • John Ridder, owner of Paxworks and TLS Central Region Representative. Discussion about the Midwest’s Regional Labyrinth Conference and his labyrinth installations. 

  • Myra Smith (Ryneheart Corcorran), Certified Labyrinth Facilitator and labyrinth landscape artist, The Laughing Flower Labyrinth & Landscape Co. Discussion about her labyrinth process.

  • Neal Harris, owner of and maker of double labyrinths who works with ADHD individuals, discusses his Intuipath™ labyrinths and work.

  • Helen Curry, One of the founding members of TLS who created and ran a prison labyrinth ministry at Danbury Women’s Federal Prison for many years. She is also a creator of wedding labyrinths. Discussion about her prison labyrinth work and her experiences using labyrinths for weddings.

  • Marty Marty and Debi Kermeen, stone and paver labyrinth builders extraordinaire, discussion their work and many labyrinth installations. 

  • Ben Nicholson, Co-host of TLS 2010 Gathering and keynote speaker. Discussion of his labyrinth designs and the TLS Gathering process.