The Labyrinth Society Media module contains categorized information about labyrinths and labyrinth related activities that can be downloaded via embedded videos, podcasts (mp3, mp4), YouTube videos and more. As the selection grows, more categories will appear, so be sure to check back often.


  • Seeking the Heart of the Labyrinth. Lea and Christiana talk about how Lea's labyrinth ministry has been a reflection of the process of uniting the heart, gut, and mind through the use of labyrinths, how all types of labyrinths help walkers awaken to this process, and the benefits of this process of unification that extend to all aspects of our existence. Lea also shares her experiences designing her Santa Rosa labyrinth and her reasons for copyrighting the design.

  • The Labyrinth and Legacy of Almetto Howey Alexander. Join Tom, the labyrinth artist and installer, and Christiana as they discuss the first African American-centric labyrinth in the USA created to honor the life and actions of AH Alexander and for her Washington Heights, NC community.

  • Following Ariadne’s Thread for 42 years: Highlights and Musings of an Intrepid English Explorer. Join Christiana and Jeff Saward as they explore the interwoven, interrelated labyrinthine path of TLS, labyrinths in general, and Jeff's own journey.

  • How to Build a Labyrinth Organization 101. Join Christiana and David Gallagher as they talk about his unique experiences with labyrinths, his involvement in the early TLS years, and his 20 years as Executive Director.

  • The First 10 Years Through the Eyes of a TLS Founding Member: MPMV guest, Annette Reynolds, shares her memories of the early TLS years: the people, the places, and the synchronistic events that shaped and defined TLS. Annette also talks about her latest labyrinth passion as the Director and Steward of a sacred underground cave system in northwestern Alabama, Manitou Cave.

  • Bountiful Harvest; A Founder’s First Impressions. Neal provides his perspective on the fledgling years of TLS, how he became involved, and how this influenced his own labyrinth journey. He also talks about his stint as Moderator for the Bountiful Harvest Panel at the TLS Gathering this year.