The Labyrinth Society Media module contains categorized information about labyrinths and labyrinth related activities that can be downloaded via embedded videos, podcasts (mp3, mp4), YouTube videos and more. As the selection grows, more categories will appear, so be sure to check back often.


  • Stepping Forward with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion In the Labyrinth Community. Listen as Lars and Christiana discuss what these words mean, and the obstacles, and methods that the labyrinth community might use to introduce labyrinths into underserved communities over the next five to ten years.

  • Labyrinths as Safe Containers for the LGBTQ Community. Join Christiana and Frank, a hospice chaplain, musician, spiritual guide, labyrinth facilitator, and writer living in Orlando, FL who leads groups and retreats on men’s spirituality. He is also one of the Concurrent Workshop presenters at the Gathering this year.

  • Mountain 10 Climbing the Labyrinth Within: Accessing Your Inner Wisdom. Join author and educator, Dr Gary Boelhower, and yoga instructor and mindfulness coach, Gary Anderson, as they discuss a proven method of accessing one's inner wisdom to create beneficial life changes, through the use of finger labyrinths and journaling.

  • Following Ariadne’s Thread for 42 years: Highlights and Musings of an Intrepid English Explorer. Join Christiana and Jeff Saward as they explore the interwoven, interrelated labyrinthine path of TLS, labyrinths in general, and Jeff's own journey.

  • What is the Path to Awakening Seeds of Compassion Within Ourselves? Join Dr. Dilley and Christiana as they discuss Robin’s Gathering workshop topic, her use of labyrinths in her clinical practice, her own labyrinth journey through breast cancer diagnosis, and the books that resulted from this journey.

  • Creating Opportunity through Diversity by Connecting Labyrinths to Inner City Youth Programs.TLS Membership Chair, Janice Lewis, discusses creating diversity within the labyrinth community through an inner city program that uses labyrinths, mandalas, and peace circles to help at-risk youth create better coping skills and habits.

  • Mapping Labyrinths: One Man’s Passion. Join Rev. Warren Lynn and Christiana for a discussion about his online, North American digital maps highlighting labyrinth and facilitator locations, and labyrinth and local tourist information. Warren and Christiana also talk about his gift to the TLS 2018 20th Anniversary Gathering: a virtual, Chicagoland, IL area map perfect for creating pilgrimage routes for pre-or-post-Gathering labyrinth walking and sightseeing

  • Bountiful Harvest; A Founder’s First Impressions. Neal provides his perspective on the fledgling years of TLS, how he became involved, and how this influenced his own labyrinth journey. He also talks about his stint as Moderator for the Bountiful Harvest Panel at the TLS Gathering this year.

  • Labyrinths and the Chakra System; Healing Circuit by Circuit. Ruta, a resident and citizen of Lithuania, has been using her transpersonal gifts in conjunction with Reiki, as a Master Teacher, to heal others for many years and now incorporates labyrinths in her healing techniques as well.  Join us as we talk about her life with labyrinths and her 2017 TLS Gathering Workshop.

  • Miracles, Mystery & Meaning on the Labyrinth with Holly Carnegie Letcher. Holly is a TLS 2017 Gathering workshop presenter and has created a Vancouver Island, CA Labyrinth Pilgrimage in October that directly precedes the Gathering. Join us as she shares her workshop topic and the labyrinths she wishes to share with visitors on her lovely island home.

  • Labyrinth Around America; A Brit & His Pilgrimage. Clive and Christiana discuss Clive’s first segment of his, Labyrinth Around America”, project and the labyrinths he loves dearly in his neck of the UK. 

  • Labyrinths In Prisons: A Case Study.  Beth Mace, of the founding members of the New England Labyrinth Guild, will discuss her groups’ work within a Medium Security State Prison and the impact this six-year-old labyrinth program has had on the women inmates. Beth shared a poster presentation of this study during the Research Sharing Circle on Thursday afternoon of the 2016 Houston TLS Gathering.  

  • Weaving Peacemaking with Social Justice on the Labyrinth. Listen to Rev. Dr.  Kathyrn McLean as she talks about her life’s work and passion. Dr. McLean is an ordained Presbyterian minister, Chaplain, Spiritual Director, and a Veriditas certified Advanced Labyrinth Facilitator. She is also a scheduled workshop presenter at the 2016 Houston TLS Gathering.

  • Can Walking a Labyrinth Help Tech Savvy College Students Reconnect? Join guest speaker, Dr. Nancy Bandiera, the Publications Chair for The Labyrinth Society (2015-2016) and a college professor at La Guardia Community College in New York, as she discusses using labyrinths to engage her students and help them succeed.