The Labyrinth Society Media module contains categorized information about labyrinths and labyrinth related activities that can be downloaded via embedded videos, podcasts (mp3, mp4), YouTube videos and more. As the selection grows, more categories will appear, so be sure to check back often.

  • Stepping Forward with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion In the Labyrinth Community. Listen as Lars and Christiana discuss what these words mean, and the obstacles, and methods that the labyrinth community might use to introduce labyrinths into underserved communities over the next five to ten years.

  • Foundations of Belonging: Weaving Worldwide Connections. Join Mark and Christiana as they discuss what it takes to connect with others over vast distances, what it takes to nurture, grow, and maintain these connections, and how labyrinths fit into the weaving of this tapestry of belonging.

  • Seeds, Symbols, and SEE-ing PossibilitiesMaia Scott, was one of the Featured Speakers at the 2015 TLS Gathering in Waycross, IN and has been a Concurrent Workshop Presenter a few times over the past five years. She is an interdisciplinary artist, bodyworker, college instructor, writer, and labyrinth designer and builder who imbues her work and play with humor and deep compassion as she navigates her "sight quirky" life with her trusty guide dog, Fiddler, by her side.

  • Using Labyrinths as Fifth Dimensional Self Towers: A Healer's Calling. in 1995, Toby Evans installed a large, classical, seven circuit labyrinth in the prairie lands of Missouri and proceeded to work with the energy in ways she never imagined when the idea came to her. She is an author, artist, singer, radio talk show and podcast host, multi-certified transpersonal therapist, one of the founding members of TLS, and the first Energy Keepers Chairperson, plus steward of the Prairie Labyrinth in Sibley, MO

  • Following Ariadne’s Thread for 42 years: Highlights and Musings of an Intrepid English Explorer. Join Christiana and Jeff Saward as they explore the interwoven, interrelated labyrinthine path of TLS, labyrinths in general, and Jeff's own journey.

  • How to Build a Labyrinth Organization 101. Join Christiana and David Gallagher as they talk about his unique experiences with labyrinths, his involvement in the early TLS years, and his 20 years as Executive Director.

  • The First 10 Years Through the Eyes of a TLS Founding Member: MPMV guest, Annette Reynolds, shares her memories of the early TLS years: the people, the places, and the synchronistic events that shaped and defined TLS. Annette also talks about her latest labyrinth passion as the Director and Steward of a sacred underground cave system in northwestern Alabama, Manitou Cave.

  • Mapping Labyrinths: One Man’s Passion. Join Rev. Warren Lynn and Christiana for a discussion about his online, North American digital maps highlighting labyrinth and facilitator locations, and labyrinth and local tourist information. Warren and Christiana also talk about his gift to the TLS 2018 20th Anniversary Gathering: a virtual, Chicagoland, IL area map perfect for creating pilgrimage routes for pre-or-post-Gathering labyrinth walking and sightseeing

  • Bountiful Harvest; A Founder’s First Impressions. Neal provides his perspective on the fledgling years of TLS, how he became involved, and how this influenced his own labyrinth journey. He also talks about his stint as Moderator for the Bountiful Harvest Panel at the TLS Gathering this year.

  • TLS End-of-Year Donation Drive with #GivingTuesday. Katja Marquart, the TLS Finance Chair, shares information about TLS’s entrance into the Social Media crowd funding site, #GivingTuesday, and what end of the year donations mean to TLS

  • One Man’s Journey Down a Sandy Path. Sand labyrinth artist and creator, Denny Dyke, shares his journey and 2017 TLS Gathering lecture topic with host, Christiana Brinton and they are joined by his crew: detail artist, Christine Moehring and photographer, Pamela Hansen.

  • Constructing A Stone Mosaic Labyrinth with Jeffrey Bale: Capturing Nature and Her Patterns. Join Christiana and Oregon native, garden designer, and stone artist, Jeffrey Bale, as they discuss his lifelong love of stone, the installation locations in Washington State and New Zealand, and the methods behind his passion.

  • The Labyrinth Scene in Washington State, with Dan Niven. Seattle native and creator and administrator of the Western Washington Labyrinth Network, Dan shares his passion for designing, and building labyrinths, in the Seattle area, that provide people with transformative experiences.

  • How Do You Seed An Entire Continent and It’s Island Partner with Labyrinths? Join me and Lorraine Rodda as we talk about the Australian Labyrinth Network and the vibrant labyrinth scene “Down Under.”

  • What is the TLS 365 Experience? Join host, Christiana Brinton, and her guest, Lynda Tourloukis, as they discuss what makes walking a labyrinth every day, a life altering experience.

  • What Does It Mean to Honor the Labyrinth Environment & Co-Create with Nature? Please join Stephen Shibley and me as we explore the theme of the 2017 TLS Gathering in the context of the Bainbridge Island and Islandwood Eco-Center settings and as it relates to Stephen's workshop topic and poster presentation.