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The transformative power of the labyrinth

Danielson, K. J.

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to explore the psychologically transforming effects of walking a labyrinth, which is an ancient symbol of transformation. This study explores its history, resurgence, current uses, and discusses the psychological benefits associated with its use. I examine my continually deepening relationship with the labyrinth and include interviews with labyrinth experts and questionnaire response on the labyrinth-walking experience.

My method of research encompasses techniques from two transpersonal approaches of inquiry: heuristic and depth. Through the heuristic method, I engaged in a self-searching investigation into the effects of labyrinth-walking on my life, using a process of total immersion into my experiences with the labyrinth. To determine the effects of the labyrinth on the lives of others, I interviewed four people who are regarded as experts on the labyrinth I facilitated labyrinth walks for small groups and received questionnaire responses from the participants exploring their experiences. Woven into my research are depth inquiry techniques of dream work and active imagination with dream images.

I found through my research that the labyrinth does indeed have unique transformative power. Its transforming energy is thought to come from its design based on the ancient science of sacred geometry. Walking the winding path creates a calming meditative state that opens one up to one’s intuitive, nonrational, creative nature, and allows for a shift in consciousness. My relationship with the labyrinth deepened throughout my journey over the past year. Over the time of my work with the labyrinth, I have experienced greater awareness, more focus, and a deeper connection with my spirituality.

The labyrinth creates a safe container that promotes introspection and self-discovery. It is a metaphor for the journey through life, the journey towards wholeness, through psychological transformation. As a result of my experience with the labyrinth, I have become dedicated to its advancement. My mission is to promote the building of labyrinths for others to experience its extraordinary power.

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