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The classical seven-circuit labyrinth as transcultural phenomenon

Muller, M. H.

Abstract: In Chapter One, I begin by studying the function of the classical seven-circuit labyrinth motif as a cosmological symbol. In particular, I focus on the Hopi who dwell in the southwest of North America.

In Chapter Two, I examine the prevalence of classical labyrinths in the Scandinavian area and their geographical distribution. In particular, I explore the solar mythology that appears to be linked to the labyrinth tradition of this region.

In Chapter Three, I look specifically at examples of the classical seven-circuit labyrinth as it appears historically on the island of Crete.

In Chapter Four, I investigate the classical seven-circuit labyrinth in terms of its function as a dance template or diagram and identify some geographical areas where it occurs in this way.

In Chapter Five, I trace prehistoric origins of the labyrinth pattern and function.

In Chapter Six, I examine the classical seven-circuit labyrinth as it appear protective or magical field pattern in a number of diverse traditions.

In Chapter Seven, I investigate how the classical seven-circuit labyrinth pattern occurs as an image of contemplation and reflection, particularly in the traditions of India and of Ireland. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)

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