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The journey to the center of the labyrinth

Read, L.

Abstract: The focus of “The journey to the center of the labyrinth” is the writing and testing of a self-help manual, which is aimed at introducing transpersonal psychological concepts in everyday language for the lay person. The main premise is that there is an inner, integrating center within every person, which can be accessed in a practical way to increase self-awareness. The first part of the thesis is an extensive literature review, including transpersonal self-help books and material relating to the inner center, to dream work, to the personal shadow, to transpersonal concepts of the body, and to one theory of relationships. The manual, itself, which is written in a mythological format, presents background theory and practical exercises on working with dreams, with shadow material, with the body, and with relationships. The manual concludes with an explanation and exercises based on the underlying concepts, and the mythological symbolism of the journey to the center of the labyrinth. This manual was tested by volunteers over a two month period, after which written evaluations were submitted and are described in detail. Each participant noted changes in self-awareness during the test period, confirming that it is possible for people with little previous background to understand the concepts of the inner process and to apply them in their lives. The thesis ends with a general discussion of possible changes to the manual and to the method of its testing.

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