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Exploring the effects of walking the labyrinth

Sandor, M. K., & Froman, R. D.

Abstract: "This pilot study examines the effects of walking a labyrinth.

Method: A convenience sample of 25 community members participated in a four-group, repeated measures study to gather information about vital signs and affect before and after labyrinth walks. Because of the small sample size, results were inspected for effect size (ES) differences in pre- to postcomparisons. Mean postwalk scores were also compared to control group scores.

Findings: Systolic and diastolic blood pressure showed essentially no ES differences pre to postwalk. The remaining ES comparisons showed .14 ES for pulse differences, .37 ES for respirations, and .22 and .56 ES differences for positive and negative affect measures, respectively.

Conclusions: Comparisons of postwalk scores for walkers to nonwalkers showed mixed results in significance of differences.

Implications: This pilot study shows the feasibility of the procedures for assessing the effects of labyrinth walking on basic parameters of health." (Sandor, p 103)

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