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Through the unknown, remembered gate: journeys into the labyrinth.

Charles, M.

Abstract:  The author uses the metaphor of the maze, which is referred to as a “labyrinth” in the article, and the case study approach to describe the ongoing interplay between therapist and client.  This metaphor is further enhanced by the use of the metaphors of the “hero” (Theseus) and the “monster” (Minotaur).  According to the author, “The image of the journey into the labyrinth is a poignant and powerful one for the analyst.  Each new individual – each new encounter – takes us further into reciprocal journeys as the path of the other intersects our own.  This interplay often has the feel of a multi-dimensional palimpsest, in which I am continually reworking the enigmas encountered by my patients through my own being.” (Charles, p. 79)

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