Labyrinth Research Bibliography

Bibliography of Studies Related to Labyrinth Research (.pdf 517K)

This downloadable Bibliography has all entries sorted by author. The entries in the bibliography have been categorized below by topic and also by type (doctoral dissertation, journal article etc.).

Off the couch: An introduction to labyrinths and their therapeutic properties

Harris, N.

This article provides a definition of a labyrinth, differentiates a labyrinth from a maze, and describes the uses of labyrinths in various settings.  It relates the author’s experiences and insights obtained from walking a labyrinth.  It describes anecdotal reports and anecdotal research “which indicates that a labyrinth positively effects the brain wave activity and neurological responses of some of its users.”  It also reports anecdotal research that “shows a short-term increase in mental clarity in some people with Alzheimer’s schizophrenia, and Dyslexia, as well as greater mobility in some who are suffering from Parkinson’s Disease.”  The article further describes the use of finger labyrinths in therapeutic situations, as well as the use of a specialized type of finger labyrinth developed by the author known as a “Therapist Board.”

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