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Equine labyrinths survey 2010: Report on best practices

Hornford, J. & Rose, C.

Abstract:  Interest in equine labyrinths was raised by a question posed on the Veriditas Facilitators email List Serve in 2008.   Because of this question a survey was constructed and distributed by the researchers.  Survey responses were received from Canada, the Netherlands, South Africa, New Zealand, and the United States.  The researchers found that although there is much interest in equine labyrinths, there are few in use. There is a need to know how to build an equine labyrinth as well as the benefits of an equine labyrinth.  This presentation reported on best practices to date with regard to equine labyrinths, based on data collected through formal and informal surveys.  The presentation presented specifications for an equine labyrinth, including considerations of design, surface material, size of labyrinth path and center, and delineating or boundary material.  The presentation also summarized information reported regarding labyrinth sites and frequency of use, as well as descriptions of the uses and users of equine labyrinths.  Considerations for safe uses and new uses for equine labyrinths were presented.

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