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Some musings about labyrinth research

Rhodes, J. W.

Abstract:  Those who are passionate, or at least enthusiastic, about spreading labyrinths and their use far and wide, are faced with a dilemma:   How do they (or even should they) collect and present scientific or quasi-scientific evidence about the "what, why, and how" of labyrinths to audiences when appropriate and necessary, while still being faithful to what we know is primarily an experiential phenomenon?  This article explores the desirability as well as the efficacy and appropriateness of engaging in labyrinth research.  It approaches the topic from several perspectives, including that of the inquiring mind as well as the need for research information by governing boards considering constructing a labyrinth.  It compares labyrinth research to research in aesthetics and suggests some considerations for approaching the apparent “dilemma.”  The article describes some potentially useful “action research” and presents some cautions about interpreting and over-interpreting labyrinth research data.  It concludes that, “… because it is human nature to ask these questions, it is incumbent on labyrinth enthusiasts to provide thoughtful, well-researched answers presented in an authentic and appropriate context.”

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