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This downloadable Bibliography has all entries sorted by author. The entries in the bibliography have been categorized below by topic and also by type (doctoral dissertation, journal article etc.).

“Creating labyrinth proposals: Broadening health and wellness in your community.” Presentation at the 2013 Labyrinth Society Gathering. Vancouver Island, Canada. (September 20, 2013).

Rudebock, C.D., Kern, J., Graves, S.

As the desire for labyrinths in the global community continues to expand, the need grows for creating effective proposals to incorporate labyrinths into community landscapes for the promotion of health and wellbeing.  Participants will gain knowledge about structuring proposals for their intended audience and receive a template of a sample proposal as well as a sample IRB (Institutional Review Board form- if required through a university).  When planning to create a labyrinth proposal, one must go step by step at one’s own pace, just as when one prepares to walk or experience the labyrinth path. The layout of a proposal and the process for developing it are much like experiencing the creation of a labyrinth: connected, passionate, and intentional.  This session will begin by inviting participants to set an intention for the session, use a finger labyrinth to center their thoughts, followed by the creation of a written reflection.  After the finger labyrinth experience, the PowerPoint- lecture format will focus on steps to create a proposal for a labyrinth including the importance of passion, discussion of community need, identifying stakeholders and establishing partnerships, benefits for the community, and recognizing barriers in the process. Time will be included in the lecture for questions and answers as they arise as well as time for discussion. This session is based on the expertise of those submitting a successful proposal as well as their experience in the creation of a permanent labyrinth in a university setting.   

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