Labyrinth Research Bibliography

Bibliography of Articles and Studies Related to Labyrinth Research 2022 Update (.pdf 412K) - version that will be searchable on the new Labyrinth Society website

Bibliography of Studies Related to Labyrinth Research (.pdf 517K) - version in the searchable categories below

This downloadable Bibliography has all entries sorted by author. The entries in the bibliography have been categorized below by topic and also by type (doctoral dissertation, journal article etc.).

“Maintaining peace through the twists and turns of labyrinth research.” Presentation at the 2011 Labyrinth Society Gathering. Taos, New Mexico. (2011)

Rudebock, C.D., Schultz, E., & Rhodes, J.

Participants will explore labyrinth research ideas using the ‘World Café’ format created by Brown and Isaacs (2005).  The group will be introduced to the four ‘C’s’ approach when conducting research:  Creating (creating the idea), Connecting (with others); Centering (finding ways to stay centered during the process), and Communicating (findings to add to the body of knowledge of labyrinth experiences).  This approach was developed by the authors and participants will network with others who share similar labyrinth works and develop a plan for a research idea.

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