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The effect of a labyrinth experience and setting on attention, affect, and tranquility, among Garden Staff

Gomm, K.

This study explores the effect that setting and a meditative labyrinth experience has on affect, tranquility, and executive attention functioning. The study placed 60 participants into four treatments to explore these relationships, a labyrinth in an urban setting without meditation, a labyrinth in an urban setting with meditation, a labyrinth in a natural setting without meditation, and a labyrinth in a natural setting with meditation. After the participants participated in one of the four conditions, they were given a questionnaire to measure affect and tranquility, then an Attention Network Task (ANT). Affect was measured by the Positive Affect and Negative Affect Schedule (PANAS). Tranquility was measured using a tranquility index developed for previous research. The directed attention or executive attention functioning was measured by the attention network task (ANT).

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