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Labyrinths: Yesterday, today, and tomorrow-Implications for education

Michels, B. Maxwell, D., & Chang, C-W.

The United States is part of the renewed interest in the labyrinth worldwide. Marge McCarthy   (2007) said, ―...we know of school labyrinths in at least 18 states as well as in Germany, Scotland and   South Africa. Of course, there are many more that are unreported. It seems that a new holistic, multi-faceted tool is being brought to our attention. Who knows for sure what the exact purposes and outcomes were of the ancient models? It is our future, our destiny, to define and utilize, to take advantage of this opportunity in history to rediscover the deep mysteries of this most amazing gift.

It is evident that there is a renewed interest in the effects of the labyrinth on mind, body and spirit as they are already being used in medical institutions, schools, and churches. The study described in this article focuses primarily on the physical aspect and leads to many more questions. It leaves us wondering, ―Where is this going? Do labyrinths provide us with some clues about the way visuals and personal interactions with patterns and geometry affect us? This leaves many doors unopened and waiting for exploration. If we can be so deeply affected by a visual and physical interaction with a geometric symbol, what does that imply regarding other visuals and symbols in our daily lives? How are we being affected? It is time to take a new look ways to present instruction that can change students in very profound ways. Although some questions will remain unanswered and, therefore, a mystery, the fact remains that this pattern continues to be intriguing and beneficial to modern man.

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