About The Labyrinth Society

Welcome to The Labyrinth Society’s Website!   

I am excited to be the new president of The Labyrinth Society, an organization I have belonged to since 2008, serving as a volunteer–on the board and several committees for at least half of that time!  The Labyrinth Society is a diverse community of labyrinth enthusiasts and we welcome all who create, use, and experience labyrinths.  Our website has a wealth of information about labyrinths, and we hope you will find what you seek.  We are committed to improving the functionality of our website and the World Wide Labyrinth Locator. We have one of the best labyrinth resource libraries and links to many tools and sites for research as well as for personal growth and learning.  Our main Facebook group (free to join) has over 17,000 members and is very active with daily posts.

TLS is recognized as a 501(c)(3) and is (super)powered by many volunteers who give hours of service and monetary donations because of their love of labyrinths and this organization.  The volunteers and donations make it possible for us to sponsor programs and reach out to the greater community.  Members’ support makes it possible for events like World Labyrinth Day, virtual Monthly Community Meetings, and our in person Annual Gathering.

Gaining membership in TLS is simple and when you choose to join you are becoming part of an organization that is more than a club or social group.  It is more like a family and we are making a difference and ready to welcome you!  If you just found this website, you may have found your kinsfolk and kindred spirits. If you’re not a member yet, please join us!  When you do, I hope you will find, as I did, that the biggest gift labyrinths and TLS can give you are the friendships and relationships that are formed.  I’ve made friends at TLS Gatherings as well as through email correspondence and within our many Facebook groups. 

I’ve accepted this leadership role that I could not have imagined fifteen years ago. Looking back over the years since joining TLS, I can see how much I have grown, learned, and experienced all because of belonging to this group.  I look forward to working with The Labyrinth Society’s members, volunteers, board of directors, and executive director and always giving my best.  The Board of Directors is a working board, and we take our positions seriously and to heart.  Maybe you would like to pursue a volunteer position, too!  The TLS mission is, “to support all those who create, maintain and use labyrinths, and to serve the global community by providing education, networking, and opportunities to experience transformation.”  I am proud to be a member of TLS and I am proud of its growth and accomplishments.  This year is TLS’s twenty-fifth anniversary, and we have become a global community with members from all over the world. 

Thank you for sharing the path!

Beth Langley, President
Labyrinth Society 


History of The Labyrinth Society

Everything has a birthing, a beginning. Rocks harden from molten lava. Seeds break apart as roots and shoots emerge. There is drama in the creation of new life, new matter, new ideas. The labyrinth is often looked upon as a womb – a place of safety and rejuvenation. It is seen as a place for the birthing of inspiration, understanding and creativity.

The Labyrinth Society was born on Thursday, November 6, 1998 by unanimous agreement of the 43 Founding Circle members present at the Caroline Conference and Retreat Center in St. Louis. This momentous occasion was duly celebrated with a birthday cake and appropriate festivities.

TLS History Timeline TLS Gatherings Map

Interactive TLS History Timeline     Interactive TLS Gatherings Map

Since that time, we have held annual gatherings, created a communications network through this website, developed a traveling labyrinth exhibit and sponsored two symposiums in Europe. This is just the beginning.

We are creating The Labyrinth Society’s history every day. It is an adventure, a challenge and a joy. For however many years, we are linking our history with that of the labyrinth as it becomes more and more accepted throughout the world as a tool for peace and introspection.