The Labyrinth Society Membership

Come walk with us! Become a member of TLS.

The members of The Labyrinth Society do incredible things. They take labyrinths to hospitals, schools, businesses and prisons. They give workshops all over the world, taking this powerful symbol of peace and hope to third-world and war-ravaged countries. They hold labyrinth walks in the name of world peace, the environment and global unity. They hold the labyrinth in their hearts. You too, can be a member of The Labyrinth Society.

The Labyrinth Society is a dynamic organization run almost entirely by volunteers. TLS has members from all over the world and is working actively “to inspire possibilities and create connections through the labyrinth,” – our vision statement.

We invite you to bring your special labyrinth interests, energies and expertise to The Labyrinth Society. As a member, you'll find a supportive, diverse network of labyrinth enthusiasts from all over the world.

You will be part of an organization of people—artists, writers, labyrinth builders, mathematicians, dancers, healthcare professionals, dowsers, singers, labyrinth keepers, photographers, students, businesspeople, teachers, musicians, massage therapists, accountants, hospice workers, craftspeople, ministers, travelers and comedians—with a single common interest, labyrinths.

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