TLS Annual Gathering

2024 Saturday Night Labyrinth Walk and Gong Bath

with Martha Collard

Stepping to Inner Peace
In the 1970’s Yogi Bhajan was teaching Kundalini Yoga including a form of breathwork while walking.  Dr. Herbert Benson who first coined the phrase ‘relaxation response’ determined that breathwalk was a fast and efficient method to achieve inner peace.  Join us to experience for yourself the transformative effects of combining both practices followed by deep relaxation to the sound of her meditation gongs.
Experience a gong bath in Hong Kong with Martha in this YouTude Video

Red Doors Studio founder Martha Collard has lived in Hong Kong for over 40 years. Her entire career is one of service and elevating others. Stepping down from her position as youngest Partner worldwide in TASA, a Swiss executive search firm in 1992, Martha began to offer management consulting on a project basis to the corporate sector. She is an executive coach, management consultant, facilitator and career counsellor, and prior to establishing Red Doors Studio was Vice President of Group Organizational Wellness for Lane Crawford Joyce Group.

Initially, she pursued alternative practices out of curiosity; then they became a source of personal growth and development. She has explored Life Dynamics, Reiki, Transcendental Meditation, Vipassana meditation, Person Centered Approach to Counselling, Access Bars, Yuen Method and labyrinths, among others. She was the founding chairman of the Yoga Society of Hong Kong and founding Editor of Namaskar magazine and is pursuing higher levels of yoga therapy training and sound healing. These days, her focus is on gong relaxation, walking on labyrinths and kundalini yoga - all practices that uplift and transform.