TLS Annual Gathering

TLS Store

The TLS Store is a wonderful opportunity for someone who only has a few items for sale and does not want to spend all of his/her time during the Gathering in the vendor room. Enjoy your Gathering! Place your items in the TLS Store.

Any Gathering participant is invited to take advantage of this service. Your items will be sold and you will not have the worry of sitting at a table to sell them (except for the required hour of volunteer time, of course). Here are the stipulations:

  1. You must be a registered Gathering participate to place items in the store.
  2. The limit is three (3) separate products with a quantity of ten (10) items each. Items can be added after the first ten (10) sell out, but the owner must keep extra items with him/her until time to replace. We won't have room and don't want the responsibility for extra merchandise.
  3. Each item is to be clearly priced and owner will be required to fill out an inventory sheet with a brief description of each piece to help us with our space/placement requirements.
  4. There is a $20 handling fee to place items in the store and an additional fifteen percent (15%) of gross sales to go to TLS.

If you have questions or wish to place an item in the Store, please contact Helen Curry