TLS Annual Gathering

2003 Retrospective by Lea Goode-Harris, Ph.D.

5th Annual International Labyrinth Society Gathering
November 6 - 9, 2003 Baltimore, Massachusetts

Co-chairs Pamela White and Kathy Spaar did an incredible job with the 2003 Gathering in Baltimore. Workshops and activities began days before the official Gathering started and continued thereafter with labyrinth tours.

2003 Retrospective
by Lea Goode-Harris

Such a wonderful time was had by those of us that made the journey to the Baltimore Marriott Hunt Valley Inn for our fifth conference and gathering. And, for those of you that couldn’t be there, you were greatly missed. The creativity and inspiration of sharing our labyrinth work and play, and in meeting new labyrinthers as well as connecting with old friends, is one of the greatest assets we share as a community.

Co-chairs Pamela White and Kathy Spaar, and the Baltimore committee did a wonderful job of setting the stage for a meaningful time. Pre-gathering activities included a labyrinth workshop at a local school with Marge McCarthy and Jon Appleton, a demonstration of rider and horse connections in the labyrinth with guest speaker Ian Stevenson and TLS members Marty Cain and Connie Fenty. A tour of the many labyrinths in the Baltimore area was provided by Rev. Jack Sharp and David Tolzmann. The post-gathering events included beading with Eleanor Wiley and a day-long tour through labyrinths in Maryland, Virginia, andWashington D.C with Kathy Spaar and Sandra Wasko-flood.

It was with great concern that we learned that Jean Houston suffered an accident prior to her scheduled time with us (subsequent reports are that she is mending well). Her absence left quite a void. Lauren Artress, Sig Lonegren, and Robert Ferré stepped forward and became the voices for the present, past, and futures of labyrinths. During our weekend, the membership welcomed our second president, Dr. Kimberly Saward and our new slate of board members and committee chairs. And, David Gallagher became our first executive director.

Robert Gilbert unlocked the secrets of the resonance and sacred geometry of labyrinths, Jeff Saward revealed the unfolding paths oflabyrinths in America, and Sig Lonegren tread the path of left and right brain, spirituality and science of labyrinths. Jon Appleton led the Appleton Dance himself to the invigorating tunes of a Celtic band, and taught us another way to use the Classical labyrinth as a "trust walk." Indoor and outdoor labyrinths were available on canvas, made with rope and tape, and lit by luminaries on the night of the solar eclipse. Plus, it was very difficult to choose between the many workshops and presentations.

We brought the weekend to a close with our traditional circle dance and singing… "dear friends, dear friends, let me tell you how I feel… you have given me your treasures, I love you so…" What a perfect ending to such an amazing time.