TLS Annual Gathering

2011 Retrospective by Neal Harris

Neal Harris

I returned from the Taos Gathering and felt compelled to share with other members who may not have been able to attend this year. The pre-gathering tour, Snapshots of Taos Labyrinths, showed me incredibly creative ways to create sacred spaces. The depth of the keynote speakers (Lucy Pringle-Crop Circles, Virginia Lonesky (native traditions and spiritualiy) and James Jereb (his guided journey into creating the sacred site Star Dreaming) was truly phenomenal. As a founding member of the society, I've been around. But frankly, the information imparted just blew my socks off! 

Then there was Ac Tah, the elected voice of the Mayan people, who gave us the ancient energy transformational gifts known to the Mayans and created a public community labyrinth (with I'm guessing over 150 people in attendance-many from Taos and towns surrounding it)that was made from 1352 luminaria. The labyrinth was created in a huge barn and when all the candles were lit and the lights in the space turned off, we truly were in for a magical experience. Some of us meditated, some sang, some danced some did energy work, some made music with drums, flutes etc. The result was a joyous compilation of movement and unity consciousness-what a treat. 

I had the pleasure also of attending Dorit Brauer and her healing generational issues through labyrinths and going back 7 generations in the family. Her family constellation exercises were very transforming for those of us who chose to volunteer for these experiences. Kudos to you Dorit.

Then came the post-gathering tour to Star Dreaming. After James Jereb's keynote, I thought I was prepared for visiting his sacred site...I was wrong! I've never seen anything on earth to match his 22 acre, 13 labyrinth (temple) compound. What a masterpiece of visionary creation. 650 tons of stone and crystal with each of the temples (labyrinths) having a specific connection to all that is. 

What can I say beyond this? The gathering just kept getting better with each new speaker, workshop and experience. Major kudos to Sandra Wasko-Flood and John Acker for envisioning and creating an experience I will never forget and will probably be processing and learning from for years to come. 

This communication would not be complete without also mentioning how open and alive the other attendees were this year. As a caretaker of sacred space myself, I can only attribute this to the behind-the-scenes efforts of Sandra, John, TLS board members/officers, volunteers and the staff at the Best Western going out of their way to provide a very welcoming environment. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Continued Blessings on your Path, Neal Harris