TLS Annual Gathering

Learning Opportunities: Concurrent Workshops

The 2017 Annual Gathering schedule included both 60 minute and 90 minute concurrent workshops as well as Poster Presentations.  Gathering registrants had the opportunity to attend two 60 minute and two 90 minute workshops, and all the poster presentations.


Dreaming Creation on the Labyrinth 
Presenter: Judith Tripp
LOCATION: Welcome Center Great Hall
This multi-media presentation invites participants to dream Creation through a ritual combining song, visual images, flute and drumming. It begins with an explanation of the notion of our role as humans in “dreaming” creation, creating a sacred circle and a labyrinth walk during which participants imagine the whole of creation through song and visualizations. The presentation concludes with Judith's Circle of Being meditation.

Judith Tripp, MA, MFT, is a transpersonal psychotherapist, teacher, musician and Certified Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator. She is on the board and faculty of Veriditas and has led the Women's Dream Quest for 26 years. She leads the Pilgrimage to Avlon yearly and presents her Quests and retreats around the country and in Europe and Australia. She has created 3 CDs of flute and vocal music and the book, Circleway, The Story of the Women's Dream Quest.

Connecting through the Universal Languages of Laughter and Labyrinths: Weaving Our Inner-Nature and Community-Nature with Nature
Presenter: Traci Mc.Merritt
LOCATION: Learning Studio 102
Labyrinths offer deep connection to our inner Nature, especially when outside in Nature. The juxtaposition of an inward focused silent walk and a walk filled with laughter, hugs and loving eye contact with fellow walkers provides an enjoyable physical experience of self-discovery and awareness. The level of meaningful interaction and connection with fellow labyrinth walkers is exponential.

Born significantly hearing impaired, Traci Mc. Merritt has a unique perspective as an author, USFS landscape architect, laughter yoga leader, coach and Reiki artist. She creates indoor and outdoor Laughing Labyrinths for use in businesses, wellbeing studios, college campuses, schools and spiritual communities. Traci also presents workshops around her newly published book, Laughing Labyrinth Timepeace, available at by Balboa Press.

Creating Temporary Labyrinths with Reusable Materials (and Co-Creating in Nature) 
 M.E. (Beth) Langley
LOCATION: Learning Studio 103
No budget or storage space for a canvas labyrinth but need one or more labyrinths that can be ready at a moment’s notice? Stretch your creative muscles as we install five or more temporary transportable and reusable labyrinths. See what you can do with inexpensive diverse materials. Don’t be afraid—you can try this at home!

M.E. (Beth) Langley holds a BA from Columbia College and a MEPI credential at the Early Childhood Level. A Veriditas certified labyrinth facilitator, Beth enjoys all things creative especially sharing her love of labyrinths at conferences in the US, Mexico, Canada, and Croatia, for Montessori teachers, gardeners, art educators, and labyrinth enthusiasts. She has designed and installed permanent labyrinths including a Pelican shaped labyrinth in Florida, a Chartres-style medieval labyrinth in Greenville, SC, and “Wisdom of the Heart” at Little Heart Montessori School in Zagreb, Croatia, She lives in Boykin, SC and finds peace and contentment in country living.

365 Days and 365 Ways of Cultivating a Curious and Creative Path
Presenter: Lynda Tourloukis
LOCATION: Bluebill Cove Learning Studio 105
​Enjoy a lesson in curiosity, creativity and commitment from the everyday life path of a labyrinth enthusiast. Expand your horizons with inspired ideas from an innovative designer of words, program and pathways in the tale of 365 days. Be excited by the imaginative experiential activities that will both educate and amuse; and be intrigued with ideas for passion and purpose.

Lynda Tourloukis is the current developer and coordinator for the TLS 365 Experience and Chair of the former TLS 365 Club. Known for her innovative style, creative designs, and inspiring messages, she is a proactive contributor to the Labyrinth Society. As a Master Trainer and a Leadership Development Coach, she specializes in enhancing our emotional abilities and possibilities through play, laughter programs and games to enhance human potential. This has enhanced her creativity and designs with the labyrinth in program, presentation and facilitation. She brings her leadership with creativity and design into a daily dedication of personal and professional paths.


Inner Pilgrimage 
Presenter: Carol Maurer
LOCATION: Welcome Center Great Hall
Sometimes money, time and/or circumstances do not afford us the opportunity for pilgrimage or retreat. Learn how to go inward without leaving your own backyard. You will learn steps by step techniques for creating and organizing a personal pilgrimage or retreat.

Carol Maurer is an artist, labyrinth enthusiast, active TLS volunteer and lover of the outdoors. She spends her days knitting, crocheting and cross-stitching, researching and writing and walking in circles! You can see what she is up to by visiting her Backyard Pilgrim blog or carol.maurer on Instagram.

Going with the Flow: Labyrinth Design for Yoga
Presenter: Katja Marquart
LOCATION: Ichtyology Inn Great Room
How are the movement meditation practices of yoga and labyrinth walking similar? What might it look like to walk a labyrinth and practice yoga simultaneously? How might it feel? These questions and others have inspired a project exploring custom labyrinth designs that support a yoga sequence. This session presents images and stories exploring these questions.

Katja Marquart holds an MFA in Design Studies from UW – Madison, is a professor in the Division of Interior Architecture at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, and serves as Treasurer for The Labyrinth Society. Her creative work includes custom environmental design services, specializing in labyrinth design and installation. Katja has been engaged in labyrinth-related activities for over 15 years, is a Veriditas-trained Labyrinth Facilitator, and is trained at the Reiki Master level. In addition to her passion for labyrinths, Katja is an avid gardener, food preserver, and yoga practitioner.

Co-Creating Peace with Technology and Nature
Presenter: Sandra Wasko-Flood
LOCATION: Learning Studio 102
In Co-Creating Peace with Technology and Nature, see how the Light of Nature/Tech Labyrinths inspires the Light of Peace Within and Among People, Animals, Nature and the Universe. Learn to create such a labyrinth by projecting your own images on the ground, surroundings or overhead for a special event of your choice.

Sandra Wasko-Flood, artist, poet and teacher, founded the non-profit, Living Labyrinths for Peace (2005) because of a vision she had in the Great Kiva of Chaco Nature National Historical Park, New Mexico (1991). Accomplishments include: art/technology “Dance of the Labyrinth” computer programmed images that light up to your steps ($5000 grant from Virginia Commission on the Arts 1994); founding member of TLS (1998), Director of its first project: “Labyrinths for Peace: 2000” U.S. Capitol; Labyrinths in Schools workshops nationwide (2000-17); and publication of art and poetry book: The Labyrinth Path to Light and Peace (2016).

Paving the Way
Presenter: Emily Simpson
LOCATION: Learning Studios 103
A talk about how the journey to build a labyrinth in a public park became a life changing pilgrimage which yielded eleven gifts of the spirit including: learning how to trust the path as it unfolds, accepting obstacles and becoming a vessel for something greater than yourself.

Emily Simpson is an entrepreneur and a poet and who built Australia’s first sandstone labyrinth with funds donated by an inspired community. At the grand opening in September 2014, the Centennial Park Labyrinth was blessed by wisdom keepers from eleven different faith traditions. Emily was a Veriditas board member (2010-13) and now manages Sydney Labyrinth, a community of volunteers who facilitate public walks on the first Sunday of every month. They held the first Labyrinth Dreaming Festival in September this year.

Creating Settings for the Labyrinth Experience
Presenter: Richard Feather Anderson
LOCATION: Bluebill Cove Learning Studio 105
Have you ever wondered why some labyrinths are used continually and others seem abandoned? We will discuss why I believe the design of the surrounding environment is more important than the labyrinth itself. What are the essential features we need to incorporate into the surrounding space to create a sanctuary-like setting that will support meaningful, transformative experiences in labyrinths?

Richard Feather Anderson was one of the earliest instigators of the “Labyrinth Revival” in America. Since 1982 he’s been educating and inviting people to enter the path of the labyrinth. He laid out some of the first labyrinths made available to the public, introduced American dowsers and geomancers to them, conducted a research project on their benefits from 1986-89. He designed the first permanent labyrinth at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, CA, and taught in the Veriditas Chartres Pilgrimage in 2000. When he designs sanctuaries for labyrinths, he draws on wisdom from geomancy, Feng Shui, environmental psychology, and sacred geometry.


Black Holes, White Holes: A Sound Journey
Presenter: Susan Alexjander
LOCATION: Welcome Center Great Hall
PORTAL is a soundscape which journeys into the labyrinthine world of space, ending in the center of a black hole. What happens there is a personal story of discovery and transformation. We will experience this exotic ride through sound, visuals, science and myth.

Composer Susan Alexjander’s work addresses the interconnections between light, sound and our universal stories. Her CDs and soundtracks have achieved acclaim in galleries and performances on both USA coasts and abroad: Heidelberg, Oslo, Vienna, Budapest, and London. She is a university educator and has presented workshops at the Omega Institute, JFK University in California (Sound and Consciousness), in London with Dr. Mae Wan-Ho, and the International Light Association. Her work is intimately connected with science and the natural world and often uses scientific frequencies to enhance the beauty of her artistic visions. She has ‘translated’ DNA frequencies, water, stars, elements, and more.

The Legacy Labyrinth Project 
Presenter: Christine Katzenmeyer
LOCATION: Ichthyology Inn Great Room
From Argentina, Haiti, France, the US, Canada and beyond, the Legacy Labyrinth Project has been networking labyrinths locally and globally for healing through the labyrinth experience. Come learn how this Project incorporates intention, community involvement, ritual, and healing into a global constellation of labyrinths which are now and will continue to be available to the planet for sustained healing.

Chris Katzenmeyer is the project director for The Legacy Labyrinth Project. She served for 7 years as a board member for Veriditas, and has a labyrinth ministry with her husband at their church in Denver. She is a gerontologist, and founded a non-profit in 2007 called The Consortium for Older Adult Wellness. She teaches at Metro State College, and is a qualified instructor in Mindfulness from University of Massachusetts Medical School, Center for Mindfulness. Her hobbies are hiking, drumming, travel, and riding Vespas.

The Innate Bond Between the Classic Labyrinth and Nature ​    
Chris Farrow-Noble
LOCATION: Learning Studio 102
In this presentation, participants will visit the beginnings of this oldest labyrinth design, see diverse examples, and consider conjectured uses in response to the environment. We’ll create and walk a classic labyrinth using the seed pattern and natural materials, discussing ways to integrate the labyrinth and nature, drawing from within and outside ourselves.

Chris Farrow-Noble walked her first labyrinth in New Harmony, Indiana in 1999. She writes the Facilitator Spotlight articles for Veriditas eNews and is on the Veriditas Council. In Brooksville Maine, she led labyrinth walks on her field-mown 7-circuit classic labyrinth and guided her inter-faith community in creating a classic labyrinth in the Sanctuary. Throughout 2014 she walked and journaled daily labyrinth walks. She participated in the Veriditas Sweden Pilgrimage 2016: Classical Labyrinth Tour on the Island of Gotland. She plans to publish “2014: Daily Labyrinth Walks as a Spiritual Practice” and a novel about a young woman’s labyrinth pathway.

Labyrinth Creation with Earth Ones
Presenter: Teri McCorkle
LOCATION: Learning Studio 103
My labyrinth site rests on sacred Indian ground as identified by multiple healers. This presentation reviews the process to incorporate guidance and energy of the keepers of this land I call the “Earth Ones.” Our collaboration encompassed healing energies of the land back 1,000 years in preparation for creating a powerful labyrinth portal between the cosmos and the earth.

Teri McCorkle's relationship with labyrinths began in the mid 90’s in Carmel, CA. Working closely with a friend, she co-presented at Innovation Network’s annual conference in San Diego in 1999 to national corporations emphasizing intuition for problem solving using labyrinths. She utilizes her home labyrinth in Roseville for workshops, one-on-one sessions and is available to the public by appointment via Worldwide Labyrinth Finder. Her recent labyrinth rebuild was a collaboration with the “Earth Ones,” keepers of the sacred Indian ground her home is built on. This relationship transformed her strategy on labyrinth building, starting first with energy work of the land.

Sarah Nash

The Other EMF ― The Emotional Manipulation Frequency
Presenter: Sarah Nash
LOCATION: Bluebill Cove Learning Studio 105
"Walking a labyrinth" has been shown to be an effective mode of transforming personal negative thought patterns. Using interactive worksheets during the informal lecture, participants will be able to identify sources of unhealthy EMFs (Emotional Manipulative Frequencies) and become familiar with facilitating that healing mode outside the labyrinth form; especially for protection from the less than positive influence of others..

Sarah Nash is a proponent for Psychicology; especially the way our bioenergetic fields are harmed by that other EMF ― the "Emotional Manipulative Frequency". With her spiritual and intuitive guidance, she serves as an integrative practitioner working with medical doctors and other colleagues in the fields of healing, spirituality, and metaphysics. Her therapeutic training as a Practitioner through the Spiritual Response Association was completed in 2011 and she was personally mentored by the school's founder, Robert Detzler. She received her CPC with a special emphasis in Clinical Spiritual Counseling from Fowler Wainwright International in 2012.


Walking The Breath, Breathing The Walk: Convergence on the Labyrinth of Meditation, Health, Balance and Nature
Presenter: Micah Mahaney
LOCATION: Welcome Center Great Hall
In this presentation we learn how development of coherent breathing skills can return us to our “true nature” and consequently offer us balance and well-being. In the moment we step into the labyrinth, we become a dynamic component of that environment. As we breathe and walk, we can co-create a natural relationship, honoring the meditative nature of the labyrinth walk.

Micah Mahaney worked 12 years with his MS-Psychology and licenses as LPA, LPC and LMFT in community mental health, elementary and high school, juvenile probation/family counseling center, inpatient crisis management and substance abuse units, physical medicine/rehabilitation hospitals, outpatient work hardening clinics and a guardianship program. He has worked as a biofeedback therapist and houseparent for mentally retarded adults and Children-in-need-of-supervision/ChINS offenders. For the past 21 years, he has worked as an occupational therapist in an outpatient pain management program; and part-time in inpatient rehabilitation and psychiatry. He is a Veriditas-certified Labyrinth Facilitator.

How to Strengthen Physical and Energy Body? 
Presenter: Rūta Janulevičienė
LOCATION: Ichthyology Inn Great Room
This workshop is open to all who want to know and heal themselves. Through practice I found out that every ring of a labyrinth corresponds to the human chakra system. You’ll identify the limited beliefs, health problems that bound you in four aspects: love, feelings, career and health as well as your strength and power, which help you move forward.

Rūta Janulevičiene is a nationally recognized Reiki Mercar Master Teacher. She is registered Karuna Reiki Master Teacher of the ICRT. Ruta enjoys working with energy who draws on her gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and channel. It helps intuitively identify the root cause of patterns keeping individual attached in recurring life or health situations. Since 2012 she is a member of the Labyrinth Society. Ruta facilitates various practical workshops by the use of labyrinth. Scientific interests are: psychology, coaching, the Silva method, psychotherapy & psychodrama.

Nature’s Gifts of Meaning, Messages, Mystery and Miracles: Stories from the Labyrinth
Presenter: Holly Carnegie Letcher
LOCATION: Learning Studio 102
Have you ever had an experience on the labyrinth where an aspect of nature presented itself, offering an important message, carrying deep personal symbolic meaning or providing you with an insight? After walking this sacred path together, our stories of nature’s mysteries, synchronicities and miracles can be shared, from present or past. Submit your story afterwards for publication option!

Holly Carnegie Letcher is an Occupational Therapist who has been using Labyrinths in her practice for 18 years. Holly has had profound experiences with the Labyrinth in co-creation with nature’s gifts of mystery, meaning and miracles. Holly is a Veriditas Certified Labyrinth Facilitator and Western Canada Rep, TLS member, Energy Keeper & Regional Rep for Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. Holly Co-Chaired TLS Gathering in 2013, has presented at several Gatherings & 25th IAPSRS Conference, Istanbul, Turkey, 2014 with TLS Colleagues. Passionate about her work with labyrinths, the amazing people and synchronicities that present; Holly dreams of publishing a book.

Creating the Labyrinth Environment: The Essence of Place-making
: Stephen Shibley
LOCATION: Learning Studio 103 
What happens in the environment around an outdoor labyrinth can impact one’s experience as distraction or further enhance the sense of sacred space. Through imagery, discussion, and playful exploration, participants will have opportunities to work with these helpful design principles. Join us and look at the labyrinth environment with new perspective and appreciation. No design or drawing experience necessary.

Stephen Shibley is a registered landscape architect and registered landscape contractor living and working in Oregon. With more than 25 years of design and construction experience, Shibley specializes in labyrinth design and construction and in conceptual site master planning. With a learned and intuitive ability to “read” the landscape, Shibley enjoys sharing insights into design principles useful when placing labyrinths within our built landscapes. As an avid outdoor enthusiast, Shibley gardens, recreates, explores, works, and learns in the great outdoors – he is in constant Co-creation with Nature.

River Paths
Presenter: Barrie Carter Gibby
LOCATION: Bluebill Cove Learning Studio 105
The RIVER is a template for our soul, a symbol of constant flow and cyclical life source. How can RIVER life stages partner our labyrinth work? How do rapids, eddies, tributaries, and deltas create blueprints for our legacy path? Take away factoids and celebrate the RIVER with rituals, movement, chants, and journeys to deepen our radical advocacy as water protectors.

Barrie Carter Gibby works on that creative edge between the branches of words and movement expression. A long-time educator, community builder and labyrinth facilitator, Barrie interweaves her extensive background in theater, design, music, ritual-making and spiritual pilgrimages to Europe to facilitate workshop gatherings on methods of Building Community and the pilgrimage world of the Labyrinth Journey of Embodied Spirituality in North America. As an Advanced Certified Veriditas Labyrinth facilitator, Barrie finds sacred spaces everywhere.