TLS Annual Gathering

Learning Opportunities: Concurrent Workshops

The 2018 Annual Gathering schedule included several concurrent sessions for 60-minute and 90-minute workshop presentations.  

60-MINUTE PRESENTATIONS Saturday Morning 9:45-10:45 am

Tips & Tricks for Incorporating Labyrinths into a New or Existing Business
Neal Harris
Considering making your enjoyment of labyrinths into a successful business venture? Explore the considerations for either starting a labyrinth business or incorporating labyrinths into an existing business. Many tips and tricks will be shared to help you navigate your way to success. You will receive a flash drive containing many helpful documents and resources to assist your venture.

Neal Harris is a licensed counselor and the owner of Relax4Life, a holistic education center. He has presented in the holistic health field since 1985. Neal’s pioneering work with labyrinths in therapy led to several published journal articles. In 1997, Neal created Illinois’ first public labyrinth and designed the outdoor labyrinth currently at Loyola Center. He has created many other public labyrinths, fabric traveling labyrinths, wood and plastic finger labyrinths (including his patented double finger labyrinth design known as the Intuipath®) and manuals for creating outdoor labyrinths. He is a founding member of The Labyrinth Society and a Certified Veriditas Facilitator.

Labyrinth Walk Questionnaire (LWQ) Research Results and Implications: 2006 – 2018
Dr. John Rhodes
Since 2006 the Labyrinth Walk Questionnaire (LWQ) has been available for use by labyrinth walkers to report the effects of their labyrinth-walking experiences on a variety of physical, emotional, and psychological variables. This presentation summarizes and interprets the responses to the questionnaire of nearly 1,000 respondents. It presents the most comprehensive report of the so-called “labyrinth effect” to date.

John Rhodes has been involved with labyrinths since 1998. In 2001 he was trained and certified as a labyrinth facilitator by Veriditas. He teaches labyrinth classes, advises on labyrinth construction, and facilitates labyrinth events and retreats in the Atlanta, Georgia, USA, area. John has been active in the Labyrinth Society since 2001, serving as Research Committee chair, and as TLS President from 2011-2014. John is the author of several articles about labyrinth research, including a chapter in the book, learning with the Labyrinth: Creating Reflective Space in Higher Education, (Drs. Jan Sellers and Bernard Moss, eds. 2016).

The Revealing Labyrinth – The Ever-Evolving Path
Clive Johnson
The remarkable story of how a labyrinth that is making a 10,000-mile road-trip around the border states of the USA progressively has revealed itself to have far greater purpose than might ever be imagined. Much more than a journey of connections, this labyrinth is showing where to go, revealing more of its power along the way.

Clive Johnson is an interfaith minister and writer. He is initiator and host of ‘Labyrinth Around America’, a journey to take a single labyrinth around all border states of the United States and has a particular interest in the labyrinth’s role in modern-day pilgrimage.
He is author of several books, including ‘Labyrinth A-Ω: An introduction to the how, what, and why of labyrinths and labyrinth walking’, is a Veriditas facilitator, and a UK Representative for TLS.

Reims Reimagined
Randall Stuart
The Reims Cathedral labyrinth pattern is explored and discussed as a curricular tool by Randall Stuart, director of the Portland, Oregon-based humanities organization Cerimon House, where the adaptation of the Reims pattern is installed monthly (with differing themes each month) for the community to traverse.

Randall Stuart is the founder and executive director of Cerimon House, a humanities and cultural arts organization in Portland, Oregon and a visiting professor to several institutions of higher learning, where he works with theatre and playwriting majors at college, university, and graduate programs across the nation. His time directing and acting on the stages of regional theatres includes the American Conservatory Theater, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and Berkeley Repertory Theatre, among others. His additional interests include the fields of philosophy, thanatology, and hospice care.

60-MINUTE PRESENTATIONS Saturday Morning 11:00 am - 12:00 noon

The Heart of the Labyrinth
ter: Lea Goode-Harris
Participants are invited to broaden their understanding of the labyrinth as a tool for remembering and releasing the past, being in the here and now, and moving forward into the future with focus on the heart. This interactive lecture brings together an awareness of the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of heartfulness with the labyrinth as a template for exploration.

In the early nineteen-nineties Lea Goode-Harris stepped into her first labyrinth and she says, “the course of my life was forever changed.” Lea’s curiosity of these beautiful archetypal mandalas led her to create a number of contemporary labyrinth designs, including the Santa Rosa Labyrinth©, the SNOOPY™ Labyrinth for the Charles M. Schulz Museum, the Ladybug Labyrinth for children (and adults) as well as many traditional and contemporary personal designs. Lea has facilitated labyrinth installations for public and religious organizations; corporations, including the American Psychological Association; and individuals throughout the United States and Internationally.

Who Says You Can’t Teach an Old Seed New Tricks?
Maia Scott
A mini playshop to celebrate your labyrinth geek-ness and give your design sensibilities a growth spurt. Bring an old notebook ready to explore an assortment of labyrinth seed inspired creativity prompts. Take home your great ideas and epic fails to seed the making of the next greatest thing in Labyrinth Land.

Maia Scott is a community college instructor teaching theater and arts for people with all abilities, a bodyworker and interdisciplinary artist. Though Maia is a Veriditas Certified facilitator, most of her labyrinth exploration tends to be on paper, temporary or spontaneous. Her guide dog Fiddler accompanies Maia on adventures, labyrinth and otherwise.

A Glimpse Beyond the Labyrinth As We Know It
Stephen Shibley
Journey through the seasons of the labyrinth and into a conversation about what lies beyond. This workshop is about the cyclical nature of the life of a labyrinth, about some new uses for the labyrinth, and most importantly about ways to keep the labyrinth relevant and accessible to a world in need of individual and collective healing.

Stephen Shibley is a registered landscape architect and landscape contractor living and working in Oregon. With more than 30 years of design and construction experience, Shibley specializes in labyrinth design and construction and in conceptual site master planning. With a learned and intuitive ability to “read” the landscape, Shibley enjoys exploring what gives a labyrinth life and when a labyrinth is in need of rebirth. He is constantly designing and dreaming of variations on the labyrinth. Shibley is always sowing seeds that, when nurtured, grow into opportunities for transformation.

How to Love Yourself and Be Happy
Rūta Janulevičienė
This practical lecture will invite those who are looking for the art to be happy. You will learn how to create and maintain a sense of love and happiness within yourself in the labyrinth environment. You will perform practical exercises with each other and share your story with the rest of the group.

Rūta Janulevičienė is a nationally recognized Reiki Mercar Master Teacher. She is registered Karuna Reiki Master Teacher of the ICRT. Ruta enjoys working with energy who draws on her gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and channel. it helps intuitively identify the root cause of patterns keeping individual attached in recurring life or health situations. since 2012 she is a member of the Labyrinth Society. Ruta facilitates various practical workshops by the use of labyrinth. Scientific interests are: psychology, coaching, the Silva method, psychotherapy & psychodrama.

Labyrinths and the Geometry of Memory 
Calen Rayne 
Imagine the possibility that all labyrinths are a part of a larger morphogenic field and serve as a memory matrix. Linking a labyrinth energetically to a holographically imbedded information field stretching from beginning to end of time might enable someone to navigate infinite memory matrices and access memories from what some refer to as universal consciousness during their walk.

Rev. Dr. Calen Rayne is a Unitarian Universalist Lay Community Minister, Veriditas Advanced Labyrinth Facilitator, and member of UU Society for Community Ministries, Spiritual Directors International, American Association of Pastoral Counselors, Association for Transpersonal Psychology and American Academy of Religion. Calen builds labyrinths, designs/consults on sacred landscapes, and is experienced with labyrinths, Reiki, Kaballah, energy healing, Himalayan singing bowl, earth energies, feng shui, dowsing, contemplative brush, Egyptian Bio-geometry, alchemy, sacred geometry, Druid geomancy, and medical intuitive work. Calen trained with alchemists of the first religion of the Himalayas (nameless religion), known as “patterns of heaven and earth” or “sacred conventions.”

90-MINUTE PRESENTATIONS Saturday Afternoon 1:45 - 3:15 pm

The Potent Portal of the Labyrinth
Toby Evans
Twenty years of exploration using the Labyrinth as a potent portal of release will be presented. The emphasis will be on earthbound souls: family, friends, or strangers who may still be here. Why did they stay? How can you help to guide them home? Learning how to assist them is beneficial to the ‘graduation’ process that the Earth is going through.

Toby Evans is a founding member of the Labyrinth Society and the Art Line Project. She was the first Energy Keeper Chairperson. The Prairie Labyrinth was installed in 1995 in Sibley, Missouri. Toby has a spiritual counseling practice offering therapies for the soul: Labyrinth experiences, Akashic Record Readings, Past Life and Life Between Lives Spiritual Regressions, Energy Medicine, and Soul Detective sessions. She is the author of: Dead, But Not Gone: Are you Part of the Soul-Bridge to Guide Them Home, Keeper of the Circles: Answering the Call to Wholeness, and the Chakra Labyrinth Cards.

Harvest of Symbolism: Seeds of Inspiration in Spheres
Charlotte Wyncoop
Have a BALL! Our seed of inspiration is a sphere… Using palm sized blanks, we will have a 3D harvest playing with visual and tactile materials. Let your imagination grow as you incorporate bits and pieces into your very own touch labyrinth. This workshop is primarily an art workshop so plan to get messy. Extra materials fee $15

Charlotte Wyncoop is a member of the Prairie Wind Guild of Biblical Storytellers and over the last 12 years has been the “Labyrinth Lady” of Stronghold’s Olde English Faire and Janesville Renaissance Faire. With an Interdisciplinary BA in Intercultural Communications and Bible, she has always been fascinated by how we process the world While primarily a visual artist, she has also been a clown, a mime, and a drama teacher to a 20+ member children’s creative team. Her best disguise though is as a Mom of four creative children. You can find her online at

Seeds of Compassion Along Our Journey
Robin Dilley
Developing seeds of compassion, a most powerful skill in today’s turbulent times, must nurture a strong sense of self-compassion first. Come, explore with me, the allegories of Dorothy’s Journey down the Yellow Brick Road using story, journaling, and guided imagery to strengthen your personal core of compassion.

Robin B. Dilley, the author of several books and In a Moment’s Notice: A Psychologist’s Journey with Breast Cancer, is a clinical psychologist with 35 years of experience working with people’s unique stories. She is an advanced Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator and presents healing workshops as adjunctive therapy tools. Her eclectic approach to psychotherapy and as a workshops presenter allow her to use stories, metaphors, and experiential exercises to help clients discover resources for change and transformation.

The Global Healing Response: Uniting the Power of the Labyrinth Community to Bring Change, Love and Peace in our World
Ellen Bintz Meuch
The Global Healing Response has brought unified healing opportunities via the labyrinth community to the world for 13 years. The next step for the GHR is to use our collective healing model in more arenas; activism, social awareness, community healing. We will explore those possibilities together.

Ellen Bintz Meuch has worked with the labyrinth since 2000 when she was a volunteer at the DuPage County Jail and read how beneficial the labyrinth could be for the incarcerated. Along with her work with the labyrinth, Ellen holds a deep passion for social justice. She is a Veriditas Certified facilitator, founding member of the Veriditas Council, and founded the Global Healing Response in 2005. She grew up and resides in Wheaton, IL outside of Chicago and holds a B.S. in Business Management from Purdue University. She is the mother of four and works in her family business.

Labyrinths as Three-dimensional Architecture and 21st Century Contemplative Structures
Dennis Marshall
This presentation will be a discussion of the potential for expressing both the Cretan and Chartres labyrinths as architectural structures able to be occupied. Several models will be presented along with the rules of development and an analysis of possible restrictions to the morphing of the classic labyrinths shapes.

Dennis Marshall is a professor emeritus of Architectural Engineering Technology retired from Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne, and a licensed architect and patented inventor.

90-MINUTE PRESENTATIONS Saturday Afternoon 4:30 - 6:00 pm

Meaning, Messages, Mystery, Miracles: Sharing a Bountiful Harvest of Stories from the Labyrinth
Presenter: Holly Carnegie Letcher
Have you ever had an experience on the labyrinth where an aspect of nature presents itself, a seed planted, offering an important message, carrying deep personal symbolic meaning or providing you with an insight? After walking this sacred path together, our stories of nature’s mysteries, synchronicities and miracles can be shared, from present or past. The owl journey continues.

Holly Carnegie Letcher is an Occupational Therapist who has been using labyrinths in her practice for 18 years. Holly has had profound experiences with the labyrinths gifts of mystery, meaning and miracles. By facilitating deep listening and sharing of our stories our collective journey is supported. Holly is a Veriditas Certified Labyrinth Facilitator and Western Canada Rep, TLS member, Energy Keeper & Regional Rep for Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. Holly Co-Chaired TLS Gathering in 2013, has presented at several Gatherings & 25th IPRA Conference, Istanbul, Turkey, 2014 with TLS Colleagues. Holly facilitates Labyrinth Pilgrimages on Vancouver Island; enhancing life’s journey.

Children are the Seeds
M.E. (Beth) Langley
Children and young adults are the seeds for the future. Experience a variety of activities that you can use when introducing labyrinths to the youth in your life. Children love exploring patterns, solving problems, creating art, and experiencing group activities. A plethora of ideas will be your inspirational take-away along with your own creations.

M.E. (Beth) Langley has a BA from Columbia College, a Montessori credential, is a Veriditas certified labyrinth facilitator, and has a love of art—all things creative. Beth has presented at conferences in the US, Mexico, Canada, and Croatia for teachers, gardeners, art educators, and labyrinth enthusiasts. She has designed and installed over a dozen permanent labyrinths including a Pelican shaped labyrinth in Bay Harbor Islands, Florida; a Chartres-style medieval labyrinth at Christ Church Episcopal School in Greenville, SC; and “Wisdom of the Heart” at Little Heart Montessori School in Zagreb, Croatia. She finds peace and contentment in country living.

Walking Naturally: Harvesting the Benefits of "Organically" Created Labyrinths
Marion Patterson and Twylla B. Alexander
Labyrinths come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Some are beautiful, professionally crafted labyrinths that inspire awe. Others, crafted from pieces of the earth and nestled in natural settings, are organic. By creating and walking these labyrinths steeped in nature and profuse with plants we can harvest a unique experience. Join us as we explore and share this type of labyrinth.

Marion Patterson, a Veriditas trained and certified Labyrinth Facilitator, has created two organic labyrinths in her yard, invites pilgrims to walk anytime they wish, and hosts walks periodically. She seeks out labyrinths when traveling, guides clients in healing energy work, and as a Master Teacher in the State of Iowa works with adults earning their high school diplomas and in retraining for jobs. A co-owner of Winding Pathways she and her husband encourage folks to “Go Outside and Play!”

Twylla B. Alexander, a Veriditas-Certified Labyrinth Facilitator, is known for her engaging book, Labyrinth Journeys: 50 States, 51 Stories. Fifty women, one from every state in the U.S. (plus Alexander), share their personal stories of creating outdoor labyrinths, all centered in the earth. A retired speech-language pathologist and elementary school teacher, she has lived on four continents and searches for labyrinths wherever she goes. Alexander brings her intimate knowledge of peoples’ stories to the session, stories of how creating a personal labyrinth – often from elements the earth provides – can enrich and change lives.

Praying The Labyrinth – Seeds of Change
Diane Rudebock and Carol Maurer  
Participants will be introduced to the Liesborn Prayer Wheel and Our Lady’s Rosary of the Seven Rays which dates back to the Middle Ages as well as The Source of Miracles by Kathleen McGowan utilizing the Chartres rosette. Ancient tools to assist you in planting seeds of change. 

Diane Rudebock is a Registered Nurse and Professor Emerita in the Department of Kinesiology & Health Studies at the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) in Edmond, OK. As a trained Ignatian Spiritual Director, Veriditas Certified Labyrinth Facilitator and Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, she conducts workshops and retreats promoting a holistic approach to wellness for overall life balance. She is Resource VP and Research Chair of TLS. She coordinated the UCO campus labyrinth project resulting in the creation of an 11-circuit medieval paver labyrinth and continues to be involved with campus labyrinth research studies.

Carol Maurer is an artist, labyrinth enthusiast, active TLS volunteer and lover of the outdoors. She spends her days knitting, crocheting and cross-stitching, researching and writing as well as walking in circles! You can see what she is up to by visiting or carol.maurer on Instagram.

Trails of Transformation
Mark Healy
Connecting different Labyrinth designs in a trail for a temporary event at a festival or linking up permanent labyrinths in parks in a city, council area or state creates a great modern day pilgrim journey. The labyrinth provides space for mental exercise and the walking or travelling a circuit is good physical exercise an outing or transformational holiday experience.

Mark Healy’s 40 year working life as a nurseryman, landscaper, bio dynamic farmer, permaculture designer, builder, healer, group facilitator, and artist has always been highly creative. For 24 years Mark has been inspiring, designing and creating labyrinths, sacred symbol gardens as landscape features and he shares his Labyrinth love with a large audience creating labyrinth art installations at festivals. Mark has founded The Labyrinth Collective, is a Veriditas Trained Labyrinth Facilitator and Co-founder/ Vice President of the Australia Labyrinth Network.

90-MINUTE PRESENTATIONS Sunday Morning 9:45 - 11:15 am

Sowing the Seeds of Peace in Chicago and in the World
Janice Lewis
Do you have the desire to change the world for the better? Do you want ideas and inspiration? Peace Club is mindfulness, meditation and contemplative practices; mandalas, peace circles and labyrinths; and it is offered to more than 200 children, teens
and adults a year. Come and listen to stories, learn, create, and be inspired while walking a labyrinth.

Janice Lewis lives in Chicago, Illinois. She coordinates and facilitates Peace Club along with the 8 adult volunteers who offer meditation and other contemplative practices, like labyrinths, 4 evenings a week at an after-school program and at a summer day camp program. She holds 4 certificates in meditation and also the International Mindfulness Teachers Certificate, Professional Level. Janice is an Advanced Peace Keeper Circle Leader, Advanced Certified Labyrinth Facilitator with Veriditas, Trained Mandala Guide and is a Labyrinth Society Board Member.

Gathering the Seeds at Our Center: Labyrinth Walks with Gay Men for Discovering Their Authentic Selves and Gifts
Frank Faine
Labyrinth walks with gay men offer a unique invitation to risk taking a journey into their authentic selves and gifts within a supportive community. This workshop will describe three possible formats for facilitating such walks. Participants will also take one of these walks as they begin to recognize and explore the seeds of connection and community such walks generate.

Frank Faine is a hospice chaplain, musician, spiritual guide, and labyrinth facilitator and writer living in Orlando, FL In addition he leads groups and retreats on men’s spirituality. Currently he is working on completing a poetic memoir entitled “A Fierce Tenderness: A Gay Man’s Journey into the Authentic Masculine”

Planting Seeds for Abundance
Presenter: Debi Kermeen
Participants will gain a deeper understanding of spirit as the source of abundance, and a greater awareness of the presence of spirit within. Like a seed, our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. As above, so below. As within, so without. That is the universal law. Come release limiting thoughts and expand and enhance your pilgrimage.

Labyrinths, movement and healing have been a part of Debi Kermeen’s life for many years. As a founding “seed” member of The Labyrinth Society, and former Energy Keeper Chairperson. Debi has facilitated many labyrinth workshops, retreats, and events. Co-Owner of Labyrinths in Stone, Debi has helped to plant many labyrinthine seeds along her path. As an ambassador of the labyrinth, Gratitude is her Attitude. Her greatest teacher, has been her very own journey.

All Walks of Life: Embodying Equity and Inclusion
Lars Howlett
There’s more than one way to walk a labyrinth, so why is it that we so often walk the same way with people who seem so similar? Experience an ancient archetype in new ways to bring insight to the challenge of inclusion and equity. Broaden your awareness and resources for facilitating walks and leading workshops that engender diversity.

Lars Howlett is a master labyrinth builder, Veriditas faculty member and certified facilitator trained by Lauren Artress at Chartres Cathedral. Lars is the coordinator of World Labyrinth Day and member of the Wisdom Circle of TLS, serving three years as the Web Chair with an emphasis on social media. This year he expanded his efforts toward equity and inclusion in the labyrinth community by facilitating World Labyrinth Sharing Circles via webinar and completing professional diversity training. Lars is a friendly and engaging consultant, project leader, teacher and presenter eliciting insight and inspiration from groups of any age or identity.