TLS Annual Gathering

Saturday Evening Music and Dance

Homespun Ceilidh Band

The Homespun Ceilidh Band is a musical group based in Washington DC with a unique sound. Unlike most celtic bands, the Homespun Ceilidh Band is big, with fiddlers, bodhran players (the bodhran is a hand held frame drum), a hammered dulcimer, guitar, irish bouzouki, cittern, and for the base they have a viola de gamba (a renaissance instrument that looks like a cello with frets and six strings). All of this combines in a unique way to produce a really big sound they like to call "Big Band Celtic Music". You'll see why on Saturday evening during the 2019 Gathering.

For those unfamiliar with Gaelic, or with Celtic music, the word "ceilidh" in the band's name is pronounced "KAY-lee". And, as always Celtic is pronounced "Kel-tik" and NEVER "Sel-tik". 

The word Ceilidh is the gaelic word for a "gathering". In the "olden days" it was used to signify a gathering of people in someone's kitchen or on the front porch to trade music, dance, stories, and news of recent events. Its purpose was to tie a community together. Today it is used to describe a more formal event, in which music was played and people dance, sing, or tell stories. A "ceilidh band" is typically a group of local musicians who get together to play at the ceilidh.