TLS Annual Gathering

Last-minute Gathering Information

We look forward to seeing you at Gathering! Our members meeting in Community is what has kept us strong all these years. Here is some last-minute information you should know.

Downloads you might like to have for Gathering

Annual Meeting Agenda - Updated 10/10/2019 - These will only be delivered digitally and will be not be printed out, in keeping with the philosophy of sustainability.  This PDF version can be read via your phone if you have an app or browser that will handle that.

Minutes of last year's annual meeting – These will only be delivered digitally and will be not be printed out, in keeping with the philosophy of sustainability.

Map of the building -  Main Level - Dining Room, Vendor rooms, Jubilee

Map of the building - Upper level - We will be using Citron, Willow, and Palm for Workshops. The Reflection Sanctuary will be in Myrtle.

Map of the grounds - There are walking trails and a brand new labyrinth that isn't on the map yet, and a firepit. 

Campus Tour page - Check out the conference center and the grounds in video!

Check-in for arrivals

Rooms will be ready by 3:00 PM. If you arrive before 3:00 PM there will be a safe place to stash your bags. Dinner will be served in the Dining Room at 7:15 PM.

Changes in the Schedule

Breakfasts will be at 7:45 Friday through Sunday. Saturday and Sunday Morning Wakeup will start at 6:45 instead of 6:15. The Regional Reps Walk will be at 7:15 instead of 6:45.

Sunday Meal Information

Sunday lunch is provided to all registrants and runs from 12-1:00. Dinner is included only if you signed up for Sunday night accommodations. Updated 10/10/2019 Dinner will be either in the Dining Room or Orchard. Final arrangements are still pending.

Monday Tour Information

Check out before the tour and meet in the lobby of the conference center. If you drove to Gathering, load your belongings in your car before the tour. The bus will return you to Pearlstone after the tour. If you are flying out after the tour or staying overnight elsewhere, take your bags with you. You will be dropped off at your airport-area hotel or the airport where you can get transportation to wherever you are going.