TLS Annual Gathering

2023 Friday AM Celestial Labyrinths with M.E. (Beth) Langley

2023 Friday Morning Pre-Gathering Workshop
9:00 am to 12:00 noon
Separate $60 Pre-Registration Required - includes $5 materials fee





  The Celestial Labyrinths: A Journey into Inner Space
With M.E. (Beth) Langley

In this three hour Pre-Gathering Workshop participants will have an introduction to Celestial Labyrinths and time for some inner exploration.  Participants will practice drawing the labyrinths from special seeds to create labyrinths that can be related to love and creation, energy, power, life and death, transformation, freedom, feelings, connections, and wisdom.  Building temporary tabletop labyrinths will enhance learning. There will be Time for reflection, journaling, and sharing.  We can examine our diverse journeys and find common ground as we discover the Celestial Labyrinths and open ourselves to the possibility of new and energetically different labyrinths.

We will begin with a short exploration of the Celestial Labyrinths using small finger labyrinths and other items on display.  The City of Celestial Labyrinths has nine beautiful labyrinths constructed of large white stones in a wooded park. They have been a project of Adrian Kezele, who has written the book LABYRINTHS and their secrets. Several parks now exist with many or all of these labyrinths.  We will view examples of the labyrinths and examine these special patterns, paying close attention to the seeds of the labyrinths.  Following a demonstration of each labyrinth, participants will practice drawing the patterns.  After each of the labyrinths are drawn we will finger walk the labyrinths, listening to our inner selves.  There will be an opportunity for journaling about our insights, intentions, and individual experiences. We will discuss the patterns’ attributes that Kezele assigned to them and have an opportunity to share our reactions.  For hands-on learners additional materials will be available to build tabletop labyrinths of the patterns.  

Art supplies will be provided.  

M.E. (Beth) Langley has a BA from Columbia College, a Montessori credential, is a Veriditas certified labyrinth facilitator, and has a love of art—all things creative.  Beth has presented at conferences in the US, Mexico, Canada, and Croatia for teachers, gardeners, art educators, and labyrinth enthusiasts. She has designed and installed over a dozen permanent labyrinths including a Pelican shaped labyrinth in Bay Harbor Islands, Florida; a Chartres-style medieval labyrinth at Christ Church Episcopal School in Greenville, SC; and “Wisdom of the Heart” at Little Heart Montessori School in Zagreb, Croatia.  She finds peace and contentment in country living.