TLS Annual Gathering

Sunday PM Storytelling Workshop

Sunday Afternoon Post-Gathering Workshop
1:00 to 4:00 pm
Separate Pre-Registration Required

Weaving the Stories of Our Lives: The Labyrinth as Sacred Story Structure
with Kathy Shimpock

In this interactive workshop, participants  utilized the labyrinth, a symbolic representation of universal story structure, as they learned how to craft and tell traditional and personal stories. The labyrinth is graphic shorthand for the Hero’s Journey, the sacred transformational pattern that forms the foundation of folklore, mythology, and the critical passages in our lives. 

Kathy Shimpock is a storyteller, artist, and author. She came to this work by way of a 30-year career in law, as a lawyer and a law librarian, in both the academic and private sectors. As the Irish say, Kathy is “storied” – that is filled with stories from a very young age shared by her matriarchal elders. At the age of 65, she received her MA in Celtic Studies which led to a personal reinvention – leaving law to study the stories she loves. Kathy has told stories throughout her life but only embraced the title of storyteller when she began teaching at South Mountain Community College Storytelling Institute ten years ago.

Kathy is a traditional teller of folktales, fairytales, and myths. Her one-woman-show “It Starts with an Email” chronicled a chance meeting with a Japanese man from Hiroshima and their joint exploration of WWII and the Cold War from two different perspectives. Her blog, “The Wise Crone Cottage in the Woods” has explored stories of the wise old woman archetype since 2015. Her podcast (of the same name) is in its third year. Kathy has a deep interest in transpersonal studies including personal growth through stories, expressive arts, and Jungian psychology. She offers workshops on the archetypal energy of the labyrinth and has a classical labyrinth in her back yard! She is also an approved facilitator for SoulCollage and for IONS Conscious Aging. Learn more on her website Symbols of Soul.