TLS Annual Gathering

2019 Pearlstone Gathering Reflections

C Brinton

Photo Courtesy of Pearlstone Retreat Center


There were many new people at this Gathering, something TLS's board members were very pleased to see, and seeing many familiar faces of those who regularly attend was a treat as well. The venue at Pearlstone Conference and Retreat Center was an easy one to navigate as all the rooms were attached by a covered walkway to the main building where the dining hall and meeting rooms were located. This was very helpful as the weather got quite a bit colder as the Gathering progressed. Members came from all over the world to attend including featured presenter, Mark Healy, from Tasmania, Lorraine and Geoffrey Rodda from Australia, Ruta Janulevičienė from Lithuania, Clive Johnson from the UK, Holly Carnegie Letcher from Canada, and, featured presenter, Eve Hogan, from Hawaii.

Even though Stephen Shibley was unable to attend the labyrinth installation workshop as planned, the installation proceeded on schedule, with Lisa Gidlow Moriarty's firm hand and the help of all who registered, including a few of Pearlstone's staff who pitched in as well. So the Opening Ceremony went off without a hitch and Pearlstone is very pleased with their new labyrinth!

Photo courtesy of Jodi Lorimer

There were so many highlights at this Gathering that it is hard to pinpoint all that should be mentioned here, but it is clear, from the happy faces and camaraderie constantly on display, that people were enjoying themselves. The pre- and post-Gathering workshops, the Monday labyrinth tour, the Irish Ceilidh band on Saturday evening, and the closing ceremony will be forever etched in the memories of those who attended. One special moment, during the closing ceremony, was the acknowledgment, by Traci MC. Merritt, of David and Jane Gallagher's lasting contribution to TLS. Traci gave them one of her tracing labyrinth artworks and then led the circle of touch, with everyone placing their hands on the shoulders of those in front, surrounding David and Jane in the middle. We all briefly stood, humming and connected, in a prayer of open-hearted communion. Everyone was so very happy to see Jane and David together again at Gathering — the ultimate power couple!

Photo courtesy of Jodi Lorimer

It is hard to explain what happens at TLS Gatherings to those who have never attended one, but for those who came this year, it has given them a reason to return. TLS thanks its members for their support, enthusiasm, and undying love of labyrinths! A special thanks as well to the Pearlstone staff who were always gracious and accommodating with our participants and eager to pitch in when extra duties were requested.

Photo Courtesy of Jodi Lorimer