TLS Marketplace

Pro Ad Instructions

For the Listing

  1. Listing Thumbnail Art or Logo 110w x 150h pixels
  2. Listing Text (60 words):  An introduction or overview of your products and/or services

For the Feature Page

  1. Masthead Cover Art 590w x 200h pixels
  2. Tag Line:  A few words or one brief sentence to tell folks what you  or your business offers that will appear after the masthead image and before the listing content
  3. Contact Info:  Business Name, Country, Address, City, State, Zip, Website URL, Email
  4. Text Content: Up to five (5) paragraphs of content about your products and/or services. TIP:  If you have specific text that relates to a specific image, indicate within the text "[insert imagefilename.jpg here]". This will help us with the layout of your ad.
  5. Image Content:  Up to five (5) images to compliment content 200w x 200h pixels

About Sending Us Images and Content

Preferred formats are .jpg or .png files optimized for web. You may wish to do one of the following:

  1. In the online form, use the opportunities therein to browse and upload a file to us specific to the requested item.
  2. Upload a single ZIP file which includes all the content and image assets.
  3. Submit your feature page assets via Dropbox, Google Drive, or similar service.
  4. Email us with your individual files to