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Members eNewsletter
At least four times a year, TLS members are rewarded at their inboxes with a copy of the Labyrinth Society e-newsletter. It serves as a means of direct communication with the membership and provides an historical record of the Society.

TLS Spanish DVD - Donation Campaign Underway!

Spanish is one of the six official languages of the United Nations, and TLS is about to make it one of the official languages of its very own DVD.

We want our DVD to be accessible to over 400 million people who speak Spanish as a native language, 60 million people who speak it as a second language, and 20 million students who will learn it as a foreign language this year alone.

Imagine being able to effectively reach this percentage of the world’s population with information about the labyrinth. That is exactly what TLS is undertaking and we need your help!

Thanks to TLS members Ronald Esquivel and José Cuesta, the DVD transcript has been translated into Spanish. We are now embarking on the work to manufacture a new Spanish DVD proof, master, and cover, as well as other aspects of production that will require funding.

Please help us raise money to make this a reality! Now is the time to indulge your stealth donor desires and charitable giving graciousness. To make a contribution toward this aspect of the DVD, please follow the links to Donations found on the TLS website and specify your intention.

And if you are interested in becoming a part of the DVD translation committee, please make yourself known! Hallie Sawyers, Education Outreach Chair, is eager to talk with you and put you to work.