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Branching Out: The 2015 Keynote Speakers

Gathering registration is open, the $100 early bird discount is in effect, a diverse selection of workshops is lined up to whet your appetite, and here’s a preview of coming attractions from our three highly acclaimed keynote speakers: Master Labyrinth Builder, Robert Ferré; Global Healing Response Coordinator, Ellen Bintz Meuch; and Visionary Artist, Maia Scott.

Robert Ferré

Two Decades on the Path - Where Labyrinths Have Led Me

To narrate my journey of twenty years, I will tell stories, some funny, some poignant, some instructional. How will my talk be more than braggadocio and self-aggrandizement, more than a litany of accomplishments? I intend to make them very personal, delving into the emotional and psychological challenges (and rewards) I encountered along the way. That which is most personal, I believe, is also most universal. In that dynamic relationship lies the effectiveness of the labyrinth, not just as a metaphor, but as an effective spiritual tool.

I first visited Chartres Cathedral in 1965 as a college student. In the subsequent fifty years I have been to Chartres fifty-two more times. It is a magnificent structure that reflects a unique moment in history when the rational mind and the expression of sincere faith and devotion united in an awesome display of art, creativity, and symbolism. I had noticed the labyrinth in the floor, but it held no fascination for me until events in 1995 changed my life. I met the Rev. Dr. Lauren Artress, walked my first labyrinth (the one in Chartres Cathedral!), followed an inner urge to learn the geometry of the labyrinth, attended my first labyrinth conference, made my first canvas labyrinth, and began offering my services to Veriditas—all in a single year.

Driven by seemingly inconsequential circumstances, each event emerged into reality and spurred the subsequent event, one step at a time, like walking with a lantern at night, or like walking a labyrinth, except without knowledge of my final destination. As a male, I was unaccustomed to hearing or following inner promptings. Any failure to follow those very subtle impulses would have broken the chain of events and fated me to remain entangled in the world of commercial real estate. Untypically, I did listen, and I did follow, into a life that I could never have predicted or produced through my own efforts. Which reminds me of another story...


Ellen Bintz Meuch

Transformative Uses of the Labyrinth - Where the Branches Grow

The lessons from the peace process are clear; whatever life throws at us, our individual responses will be all the stronger for working together and sharing the load. —Queen Elizabeth II

We never know where our first steps will lead. My labyrinth work began in my county jail in 2001. Since then it has led me to create an anti-violence nonprofit on the Southside of Chicago and the Global Healing Response for the labyrinth community.

For the past 20 years the earth has been peppered with labyrinths and salted with labyrinth enthusiasts. I believe there was a universal plan to this growth and the time has come to use this energy in a unified way to help heal the world via the Global Healing Response. Find out how the labyrinth community, the collective consciousness and the newest physics research can be the change agents that will impact peace and healing. We CAN do this!


Maia Scott

Seeing the Journey Ahead with New Eyes - Living Through the Lens of the Labyrinth

I developed a fascination for the fantastical from my best friend, a love of learning from my parents, deeper connection with community from living in San Francisco... and the ability to see more clearly from the labyrinth? The strongest glasses or latest iEyes can't correct my sight. Yet, the labyrinth somehow managed to enhance my Vision by gently challenging my perspective about Life, Self, Spirit and Beyond. Often people ask me what I see. After much exploration on and off the labyrinth, I realize we all see differently. So be prepared with pen and paper to engage in some spontaneous, creative exercises celebrating your point of view, exploring how others see, and opening fresh eyes to the unexpected. Try on one of the most timeless seeing aids again for the first time.