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Highlights From the Labyrinth Network Northwest 2015 Beach Festival

LNN member Marlise Stroebe's report on another successful TLS Special Project makes us wish we were at the beach! (Check out the photo album here).

On July 18 and 19, 2015, Labyrinth Network Northwest (LNN) held its first beach labyrinth festival at the Oregon Coast. Our goal for this event was to inform the general public and labyrinth enthusiasts about the many various labyrinth experiences that are possible right in “their own backyards.” On every level, the event was very successful.

Walking the Dreamfield. Photo: P. Hansom

We began planning this event in October of 2014. We chose the dates for the event based on the availability of low tides for Denny Dyke’s extraordinary sand labyrinth drawings. The beautiful beach at Tierra del Mar, Oregon, (south of Tillamook) was a perfect fit for Denny’s “Circles in the Sand” creations. We held our inside events at the Riverhouse Restaurant in Pacific City, a beach tourist location, 3 miles south of Tierra del Mar.

Denny Dyke's assistant Chris drawing lunations.
Photo: C. Brinton

Overall, the whole weekend was a great team effort. On Saturday afternoon, Kay Kinneavy presented an excellent slideshow overview on the many uses of labyrinths, and the variety of labyrinth locations and styles. On Saturday evening, Jodi Lorimer gave a comprehensive and lucid Powerpoint presentation about myths and labyrinths; focusing on the legend of the Minotaur, how that story changes from culture to culture and how it can still be relevant to us today. Both Kay and Jodi gave their presentations for no fee to LNN and we are most appreciative. We are also very thankful to The Labyrinth Society for their grant money to help with this event. 

The highlight of the event was Denny Dyke’s drawing of labyrinths on Saturday and Sunday mornings at the Tierra del Mar beach. On Saturday, Denny drew one of his “Dreamfields” filled with spirals, classical labyrinths and iconic coastal images, at the entrance to the town beach. This design allows bystanders to pitch in and help with raking the sand between the forms, creating the striking depth and contrast between the water, the paths and the flowing circles. 

Christiana Brinton commented, “I had a blast raking the between spaces, alongside Jodi Lorimer and Ansula Press. It was hard work though! I didn’t have gloves and sported a large blister on my palm by the time we were through. The satisfaction of participating in this amazing Dreamfield creation and walking such a viscerally calming design, with the sun shining down and the waves lapping on the shore, was heavenly and otherworldly. Fabulous!”

Christiana and Jodi's Excellent Adventure.
Photo: C. Brinton

Both mornings there were between 50-100 folks walking the labyrinths at all times.  My personal favorite was the 100 feet in diameter Chartres labyrinth that Denny drew on Sunday morning.  This one takes about an hour and a half to draw due to all the complex measurements and geometry.  It was well worth the extra drawing time.

We also had a colorful pinwheel labyrinth on Sunday morning that was a delight for the kids out walking with their families to help build and then walk.  We noticed that many families stopped to walk the labyrinths on both days.

Drawing pinwheel

Drawing the pinwheel labyrinth.
Photo: C. Brinton

On Saturday afternoon, our volunteers organized several craft tables and participants were able to create their own labyrinths with a variety of materials provided. Between the labyrinth walks, presentations and craft sessions, we also shared a lot of general social gathering and networking time. 

One final note:  It seems that generosity has been rewarded.  I was very touched by the owners of the Riverhouse Restaurant offering us their space at the last minute for no charge.  It was our hope that the LNN event being in their space would give them exposure for the sale of the property.  (The property has been for sale for quite a long time.)  This week I heard, through the grapevine, that the Riverhouse just sold. 

Tide takes Dreamfield

The Dreamfield succumbs to the tide.
Photo: K. Kineavy