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At least four times a year, TLS members are rewarded at their inboxes with a copy of the Labyrinth Society e-newsletter. It serves as a means of direct communication with the membership and provides an historical record of the Society.

MEDIA TEAM VOLUNTEERING: A Gateway for Growth, Satisfaction & Service

by Neal Harris

Photo by Lars Howlett

In 1999, a small group of dedicated volunteers organized and carried out the first public Labyrinth Society Gathering, held in Denver, CO.  For the two years prior, a great deal of planning and execution went into this event. It was a fun process and a great success. The reason: people passionate about the labyrinth experience (in all its facets) who were willing and excited to volunteer their time and talents.

Almost 20 years later and just as exciting, with its current vibrant, solution-driven board of directors, The Labyrinth Society is on the move, dreaming up and moving towards the accomplishment of numerous projects that touch and support the global labyrinth community. Will YOU be a part of this continued growth?

Photo by Mike Jager

Many New Projects Planned by the TLS Media Committee - Volunteers Needed!

Our goals are to create a digital publication to tell the stories of the founding of TLS, celebrate our first 20 years, and show where we plan to go from here. Made available in time for our 2018 twentieth anniversary, it will be completely interactive; touch the screen and open a map, a text, a video clip or photos. We're very excited about the possibilities with this technology to tell the story of our labyrinthine organization, but also as a way to chart our growth, and to archive on a Google Drive site the historical TLS materials that currently are scattered all around the globe.
We will welcome people to help:

  1. archive media
  2. contribute materials
  3. determine what needs to be included in the digital publication
  4. create the final version.

This will be a very fun and interesting project and create an enduring record of TLS.  Meet and share your time and talents with labyrinth enthusiasts in your locale as well as worldwide and know that your efforts have made possible the fulfillment of some small or large project that truly helps make a difference in the world! 

Other projects as we move forward will include:

  1. establishing an overall TLS brand image (colors, fonts, images, copy, etc.)
  2. creating Many Paths, Many Visions podcast theme and create one monthly podcast by:
  • selecting and contacting guest hosts and speakers
  • selecting images to be used for each episode, eNews advertising, etc.
  • writing thank you notes to guest speakers and follow-up notes to call-ins who've requested information.         
  1. finishing the Spanish video project.

General skills needed for this committee are:

  • good writing and communication skills.
  • familiarity with social media and Skype.
  • marketing/branding and public relations skills helpful, but not required.
  • audio/video recording software (Spreaker, WavePad etc.) experience helpful, but not required.
  • graphic and YouTube editing skills helpful, but not required.

Future Media Committee projects envisioned are:

  1. the addition of other DVD language translations.

  2. the development  of a webinar platform and series that will teach a variety of labyrinth topics.

To get started with these or other less-technical projects, go to the Member’s Page and sign in. Scroll down to the 2nd topic on the page, which is volunteering, and download/fill out the Volunteer Information form and return it to the Volunteer Coordinator.  Please be as specific as you need to be concerning the volunteer work you wish to do and the time you have to give. We look forward to welcoming you into the volunteer family!