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Members eNewsletter
At least four times a year, TLS members are rewarded at their inboxes with a copy of the Labyrinth Society e-newsletter. It serves as a means of direct communication with the membership and provides an historical record of the Society.


New Labyrinth Book—Dr. Jan Sellers and Bernard Moss published an edited book entitled Learning with the Labyrinth: Creating Reflective Space in Higher Education. Many Labyrinth Society members were contributors. This book was published by Palgrave Teaching and Learning, part of Macmillan, the premier textbook company. The publishing of this book by Macmillan opens many doors for further labyrinth research in universities, benefiting the whole labyrinth community. 

New Labyrinth Book—Sandra Wasko-Flood published her first book of art and poetry, The Labyrinth Path to Light and Peace. Thanks go to poet Elizabeth Bishop, her publisher Artline Graphics, and the videographer Ron James who did a DVD of her interview with Sandra. She will soon be publishing Labyrinth Instructors Handbook with contributors (some are Labyrinth Society Members) relating the labyrinth to educator Howard Gardner’s Nine Intelligences.  

Note: The Labyrinth Society does not endorse books or other products. We let you know about them, and you decide.

New Labyrinth Projects—The Special Projects Committee had the opportunity to review applications and award grants to three labyrinth projects in 2016. We have spent $1250.00 of $1500 allocated in the 2016 budget with $250 remaining as of 10/21/16.

Details on the Special Project recipients’ labyrinth projects are:

Kingston Labyrinth 
A beautiful labyrinth was built at Kingston Episcopal Parish in Mathews, Virginia, under the direction of Mary Chapman. TLS provided a $500 grant to assist in the cost of excavation and preparation of the land by a licensed contractor; sand, gravel, and pavers will be used. The congregation provided the labor to install labyrinth and the dedication took place on Nov. 6, 2016. 

Mancelona Labyrinth of Hope  
Over 30 volunteers in the community of Mancelona, Michigan, came together under the direction of Ellen Whitehead came together to build the Mancelona Labyrinth of Hope. The $500 grant given by TLS enabled three individuals to receive facilitator training so they can further educate the community and facilitate labyrinth events. The labyrinth has already touched many people of all ages, both community residents and tourists who visit the area.

Sacred Sites Quest (SSQ) 
TLS provided a $250 grant for materials and supplies to design and construct a labyrinth on the equator in Ecuador, South America, during the summer of 2016. Under the direction of Reginald Adams 18 high school students from the Houston area participated in a 9-month long training, Sacred Sites Quest, designed to prepare them for their labyrinth project in Ecuador.  

There’s a big world out there with complicated needs. Help us do our small part in regenerating for others all that our labyrinth work and gatherings generate for us.

 Walking a true 'Chartres Replica' canvas labyrinth by Lisa Moriarty which recreates all the stones, cracks, and stains found in the French cathedral. Photo by Lars Howlett


TLS Special Projects Chair, Carol Maurer 

Committee Members: Paulianne Balch-Rancourt, Carol Maurer, Harriette Royer, Maia Scott, and Diane Terry-Kehner, with support from David Gallagher and Kay Whipple.