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Visit to Jeffrey Bale's Bainbridge Island Mosaic Labyrinth

Christiana Brinton

Visit to Jeffrey Bale's Bainbridge Island Labyrinth Mosaic

The opportunity to visit the labyrinth made by Jeffrey Bale, just down the street from IslandWood, was a rare treat for Gathering goers and the shuttle sign-up sheet board in the Welcome Center was always packed with eager walkers ready to go. Once at the site, people spread out, taking pictures, sitting on the large, flat rocks that ring the labyrinth, and walking the path to the large, hanging Dorje, spinning it for good luck and prosperity before walking the labyrinth. Many people came back after Jeffrey's presentation to examine more closely the design elements he'd discussed in detail, making the walk that much more meaningful.

It is rare to see or walk a mosaic labyrinth that tells a story in the way the stones and pieces are laid into the earth and mortar. This labyrinth is so full of myth, story and sacred energy, coupled with the setting on a hill, in the trees, overlooking a small bay, that it is almost impossible for all not to be moved to expectant silence - the prospect of communion with a force greater and more benevolent than oneself almost a given.