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The use of the labyrinth in the treatment of alcohol and substance abuse problems

Rice, A. S.

Abstract: Substance abuse has been recognized as a major problem in social work. However, very little empirical research has included effective methods of treatment, and minimal research has included demographic variables and their effect on substance abuse treatment. This exploratory study examined the association between demographic variables (gender, ethnicity, and employment) and level of relaxation, contentedness, health, and friendliness among 85 participants in a substance abuse treatment program. Walking the labyrinth was used as a treatment method to induce relaxation. The labyrinth is a large schematic pathway drawn on a folding map, designed for the participant to walk on the designated path. Several independent sample t tests demonstrated that gender, ethnicity, and employment did not significantly impact relaxation, contentedness, health and friendliness at p < .05. Using a control group with random assignment could increase the ability to make causal inferences. A longitudinal study could demonstrate treatment maintenance.

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