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Intensity of Intention

TLS 365 Experience #201
September 17, 2017

I wasn't sure what makes one experience more significant than another on the labyrinth, except for possibly the intensity of my intention. Some walks just create ideas and some walks solve an issue or situation. The common factor in either, is in how I am present to the experience. I notice that I move either into a walk with intention to begin it, or walk in a mode of discovery, observing or realizing what comes forth as I do.

As the path progresses, intensity arrives to comprehensively listen more deeply into the experience. I become aware of how much more intently I observe and notice when I walk without intention, as if there would be clues I might miss if I did not.   When I do have a purpose or intention, this point drives what prevails and my awareness into a more significant and appreciable moment of understanding and purpose.

In walking, I realized that intention is always present and choosing to have something in mind or not is an intention. The intensity is fueled by my curiosity and desire to know.

Today's Experience submitted by:
L. Savins, Labyrinth Facilitator