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Research Committee Update

The Labyrinth Society Research Committee supports research on labyrinths and labyrinth experiences by providing a resource base and encouraging a wide variety of labyrinth-related research interests.

The Research Committee is updating the TLS Research Bibliography this year! It’s a very useful resource for people seeking in-depth information about past and current labyrinth research, articles, books, studies, dissertations, etc., published and unpublished. If you’ve not had an occasion to visit the bibliography page, you can find it here on the TLS website: labyrinthsociety.org/research-bibliography.

Please consider participating in this volunteer effort to add resources related to labyrinth research. Last full update was in late 2017, so we are primarily seeking resources from that time up to summer of 2021. 

There are several ways you can assist:

  1. If you are aware of 2017–2021 research related articles, books, studies, etc., please forward the citation information and any abstracts, descriptions, and/or contact information to Kathryn McLean.
  2. You could help by searching on your own for labyrinth research-related studies, articles, books, etc. in your country and context and vocational area, and send what you find to Kathryn McLean.
  3. Do you have an interest in being part of the Research Committee and have some research-related skills and interests? Please contact Kathryn McLean or Athena Dugan and we’d be glad to speak with you about serving for this short-term project or on an ongoing volunteer basis!
  4. Do you teach at a college or university and have a student who would be interested in helping to gather this information? If so, please contact Kathryn McLean. It’s a great semester project and we can provide more details for students who would like to take this on!

Kathryn McLean, Research Chair: research@labyrinthsociety.org
Athena Dugan, Volunteers Chair: volunteers@labyrinthsociety.org