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Labyrinth Pathways 15 - Call for Submissions

Kimberly and Jeff Saward are now working on the next edition of Labyrinth Pathways and this is the call for you to submit your labyrinth-related items for publication. Whether artwork, essay, poem or article, please submit as soon as possible to the editors, Kimberly and Jeff Saward, for consideration. Deadline for final submissions is Sunday, October 17th, 2021.

Jeff and Kimberly ask that these guidelines be followed when submitting articles and images:

  • Please send your text as an attachment in Word document format.
  • Please mark your preferred position for images in the body of the text.
  • Please send your images as separate attachments, not embedded within the text.

Labyrinth Pathways is published annually by Labyrinthos on behalf of The Labyrinth Society, and all TLS members can access digital copies via the member login on the TLS website. This publication is intended to reflect the diverse ways in which the labyrinth is used and loved today. Submitting articles about your private and public labyrinth activities greatly enhances the global impact of labyrinths and labyrinth use. Personal milestones, public and private community events, and tales of labyrinth creativity, especially during the recent covid-19 crisis, are all gratefully accepted, enjoyed, and used as inspiration by The Labyrinth Society's worldwide member community.