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TLS Community Workshop Dec. 17

Color with Intent: A Labyrinth Activism Spiritual Practice
Guided by Clive Johnson, hosted by TLS on Zoom

December 17, 2022, 2:30–3:45 p.m. EST
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Event flyer to share (.pdf 2.21MB)

Learn and experience what Color with Intent Spiritual Practice is, how it was inspired, and how work with symbols and other forms of drawing played a role along with comparisons to other drawing practices.

  • Participate in the practice during this workshop
  • Learn how you can adopt it for use in your small groups
  • Discuss the meaning of energy working with a labyrinth
  • Witness and appreciate the power of Color with Intent to positively impact others.

This workshop is fully supported by audio and visual aids. You will receive a PDF handout and an invitation to join a group before you decide to try it in one of your own. You will also have access to the recorded video after the workshop.

Bring to the workshop:

  • A printed paper labyrinth design (Any labyrinth will do. Here are a few.)
  • Colored pencils or pens to participate in the practice

Registration required:

  • $15 for non-members
  • $10 for TLS Members
  • No cost for TLS Regional Reps (see RR email)

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Clive Johnson is an interfaith minister, spiritual teacher and author of more than a dozen books. Labyrinth initiatives that he has initiated include Labyrinth Around America, Labyrinths in the Lounge, Labyrinth Launchpad, and Labyrinth and Taizé. He has hosted hundreds of labyrinth walks around the world, and worked on the ground in Rwanda with Toronto Regional Rep Susan Murphy to inspire a new generation of labyrinth lovers in schools and peace libraries around the country. Clive created a labyrinth ‘Power of Eight’ intention group in response to the outbreak of war in Ukraine, and also hosts a daily intention practice online, focussing intentions on topics in the news worldwide, as well as relating to conservation and care for our planet. He also hosts a daily lovingkindness meditation and weekly vigil for peace and unity in the world. Clive’s new book, The Heart of Lovingkindness–How to live from the heart, was released earlier this year. His website, www.clivejohnsonministry.com, describes more, and you can hear Clive talking about the power of intention at  insighttimer.com/cliverj/guided-meditations/intentions-with-impact

​​Since 1998, The Labyrinth Society (TLS) has served the worldwide labyrinth community by supporting all those who create, maintain, and use labyrinths by providing education, networking, and opportunities to experience transformation.

New in 2022–2023, TLS is offering Community Workshops designed to welcome, inform, and inspire. Hosted on Zoom, these workshops enable labyrinth enthusiasts to come together around an exciting array of topics through presentations, group discussions, and more. Please share these opportunities with friends, family, and others in your circles who might be looking for community, discovery, and transformation.