Who We Are

Rev. Sig Lonegren M.A.

European Regional Rep and Web Committee Member

Sig Lonegren is a founding Member of The Labyrinth Society, a Past Trustee, and present TLS Website Forum Administrator. He has been working on these magical single path tools since 1983 when he first met Jeff Saward in Glastonbury. He is the author of Labyrinths: Ancient Myths & Modern Uses, and received his Masters Degree at Goddard College in Vermont, USA in 1978 in the study of "Sacred Space," of which, labyrinths are certainly a part. He is also an ordained Spiritualist Minister (with the Fellowships of the Spirit), and has been on the faculty of their Seminary for eighteen years, where he has been teaching the students how working in sacred space makes one's spiritual work much more effective. Labyrinths have always been a big part of his teaching at the Fellowships Seminary. It is this spiritual component that influences much of Sig's work. He has a cyber-ministry (TLS Forum is but a part); he marries and buries upon request; and finds many chances to work with and to support seekers who come to Glastonbury on their spiritual journey. 

He is presently one of the Regional Reps for Europe and part of the Website Committee.