Who We Are

Kimberly Saward

President, 2003-2008

Kimberly Lowelle Saward, Ph.D., has been exploring labyrinths, both personally and academically since 1994. With a background in Jungian Psychology, she has worked in the mental health field as both teacher and therapist. She now combines this background with her perspective as a lifelong student of spiritual practice, pilgrimage and sacred sites, and is currently researching modern and historic uses of the labyrinth, comparing and contrasting their uses in folk customs, mythology, and spiritual development. She is the author of Ariadne's Thread: Legends of the Labyrinth, a psycho-spiritual study of labyrinth folk practices worldwide. Traveling frequently between the USA and Europe, she has a unique cross-cultural insight into the modern resurgence of interest in labyrinths. Kimberly is currently serving as the immediate past president of the The Labyrinth Society and Regional Rep Coordinator.