Who We Are

Jodi Lorimer

Education Outreach Chair

As author of “Dancing at the Edge of Death: Origins of the Labyrinth in the Paleolithic” Jodi Lorimer spent years researching the ancient history of the labyrinth and its cultural contexts in religion, history and myth. She has continued her studies to focus on the Minotaur legend and its connection with the labyrinth, particularly in Minoan Crete and the ancient circum-Mediterranean world. In support of her book she’s done many presentations (including three, soon to be four, at TLS Gatherings).

As fund-raising projects for the Labyrinth Network Northwest, sha has helped organize and present recaps of the TLS Gathering in Taos and presented a talk on the Minotaur from the standpoint of the history of the role of ancient bull worship and it’s relationship to the use and mythic elements of the labyrinth. She has been a Circle member of the Labyrinth Network Northwest, contributing to fundraising and the newsletter, and has worked on the annual auction for The Labyrinth Society for the last two years with Sarah Nash. She lives in Portland, OR and works as a professional voice talent. Jodi is married with two children and one perfect, amazing and brilliant granddaughter.